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Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb


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what can i say this is a wonderful book.


this book has transformed my way of viewing the world.


i realize we are all bound to emotional fluctuations. we cannot avoid it.


also the world is more random than we think. we may say "whats the liklihood of that" or "thats crazy talk its never gonna happen"


those "black swan" ,extremely unrpedictable unexpected events with tremendous magnitude is more frequent than we like to think, evident in the development of the human civilization, where most of the evolution and shaping of society, technology has been the product of random events and discoveries.


ask yourself, how many times have you planned out something and how many times has it actually worked out? randomness dominates.


the media is obsessed with exploaining the random, for entertainment value. hindsight is 20/20 that is why history has little utility.



this book made me think, some things we cannot control in life, we must learn to expect the unexpected.


note that randomness do not equate to nihilism. we make effort so we can take advantage of random opportunities.


also risk-conscious careers are good bet for a successful financial life.


fascinating book, do read it.

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