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Confused about STDs!

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im having sex, and me and my partner dont use a condom because im on the pill. hes only slept with one other girl, and ive only slept with one other boy, and both times we used condoms, so im not wurried hes caught something off his past ex because i know he hasnt. but recently at sch we watched this program on STDs and i got a bit confused, i heard something about u can be born with and STD or the genes for it and have it and not actually know about it! is that true? could my partner have something and neither of us know about it? help! i dont want to start using condoms because its better without and we trust eachother not to do anything silly like sleep around! please reply soon! thank you!

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Hey yea its true, you can be born with an STD and to be honest, you don't even need to have sex to get one. It's not as hard to contract one as you think it is. Basically you can get it through saliva as well (and you kno how easily that spreads) other ways could include needles which already had blood of a STD user, if that stabs u and touches ur blood, u'll most likely get that STD too.


It's scary isn't it?


Scared Heb LOL! ok u won't get it but others will.

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Yes you can have STD's without knowing, and most of them can't be cured due to the fact they are viruses. Just because you haven't seen any signs yet, doesn't mean you don't have it.


I would use comdoms, for your sake.


So just think, you might one day have warts and some really smelly genitals... But it's all worth it for that 5 min pleasure.



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Hey there i agree, sex is unbelievably better without condoms. All of those saying how unsafe it is an' all... well as long as the female of the relationship is on the pill an' all your good. Another thing make sure you always do a pregnancy test every week. yes 10$ a time... but isn't it better than being pregnant. A condom is roughly what, 1.50-2 dollars? Depends on how active you are. Anyways, yeah I think knowing your partner, knowing your surroundings, an all is best. My girlfriend's parents know we are having sex. They also know she is on the pill, they aren't very worried because they did when they were younger. That makes it easier for the both of us. I think that if you have been having sex for a while, then you should know if you have an STD or not.


About pregnancy. If she does become pregnant, we have a doctor that will help her get it out. Alot of people are going to go into abortion stuff, but I think it is fine, its a persons choice. but that may also be because I don't believe in god... so...


Yes be careful, make sure the pill is taken properly, and make sure you are doing tests often so you can get rid of it asap. Letting your parents know is also very comforting, that way you can relax having sex.


All i would say is good luck, and more importantly HAVE FUN!!!! Lifes a party, dance all life long.


Always here for another.

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As far as I know, you cna be born with and STD but that doesn't mean you'll pass it on to somebody else... kind of like being a carrier, get it?

But that is only when your mom had HIV or gonorrhea or something like that, but the baby would have visible signs...

Anyway, if it makes you feel better, get yourselves cvhecked out. but I'll promise to investigate this for you, ok? I'm taking a human sexuality class right now and I might just ask my teacher....


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