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?? PLZ READ THIS HOLE THING its realy important to me??

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plz read this hole thing, its really important to me:

okay, my ex bf is going out with my best friend now. he only started liking her tho right after i told him i was going out with this other guy named mark. and after i told him that he started getting really jealous and telling me i couldnt talk to mark anymore or he would think i didnt care about him. he was starting to get really control. so i said screw after taking his shit for a while and continued to talk to mark. well then he started liking my best friend. another thing is the he had sort of stalking tendencies in the beggining, and thought he wanted to marry me after about 1 month of going out with me. okay so that seems a little...hmm...whats the word im looking for......insane...phsycopathic-ish. what do u think? well he would always send me these emails that said i love u on them for about 6 or 7 pages. and now he sending them to my best friend. well the day he asked my best friend out was the same day that me and mark started going out, and that same day the my ex told me that he loved me and wanted to marry me. and i was like well why are u going out with my best friend then? and he said he didnt know. and he is continuing to go out with her. and send her the SAME EXACT emails he used to send to me. and he has been with her for a week and he calls her the nick names he called me and he says her loves her already. i dont think so. he just met this girl. well anyway from this hole story i got played didnt i? im just going to admit it. i got got played. and i just realized it 3 months after our breakup. i was so nieve. and i feel so stupid and that i was really blind and should have noticed. so here is the real question. he says he loves me when he is going out with her. he send her the same emails as he used to send me, he gives her the same nicknames he gave to me, but he tells me he wants to marry me and that he loves me, and he gets mad because i have a new boyfriend, and he only starts liking her after i get a new bf. so what does this all mean? im just so confused, can anyone tell me what u think?

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Lose this guy, and quick. You've laid it all out yourself......he does NOT love you if he's copycatting this relationship with your best friend (which is the #1 dating NOT out there, btw, which he should certainly know) and still trying to tell you he loves you. Er......no, he doesn't. He wants to hang onto you for whatever reason, convenience, hoping you'll pine away for him, who knows? But stick with this other guy, if he's what makes you happy. Let your ex know that he's being immature and needs to figure out his feelings for himself, since he can't even enter into the relationship with your friend with something original that he hasn't said to you!


I'd strongly suggest stopping contact with him. It's bad enough that your friend is involved, and I can only see this getting messier till the whole thing blows up in all of your faces. Just step back, say goodbye to your ex with maturity, decide if you're comfortable hanging out with your best friend if she's going to be with him, and, if need be, take a vacation from her too, if you're not.


You don't need this guy in your life. From what you've posted, he doesn't have any sterling qualities that would make it worth your while to continue contact with him, all you're getting is the negatives. You don't need that confusion. He's an EX.....LEAVE HIM AS THAT!



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I agree with mar , the wolf has guidance, and he is guiding you in the right direction, this Ex boyfriend seems to have a problem with "dating" in general, he mimics things that he said to you to your friend, from what seems like to get a reaction from you, just to see how you feel about him...and having that feeling inside that he seems' really "clingy" or to-committed at first to any girl he gets in his life, being desperate gets people no where, and he is GOING no where with all this. Your friend will wise up like you did, and will probably dump him, making him realize his approach towards girls is wrong, yes it will hurt him.


Really it's for his own good, things look positive to you thow, from what you said you have a new B/F and your continuing with that relationship with him, forgetting about your "Ex" of course, but he hasn't forgotten about you...just move on, cut communication because i see his actions getting worse, so it might be best to break it to him easy and say "i just see you as a Friend, Nothing More" you don't need this heart ache, and stress at a young age, it makes it harder on you in the future...trust me. Go on about your life, and live it to the fullest, Follow the wolf, he leads you to promised lands.

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hmmm, this ones more complicated... seems as if he is jealous and trying to get at you, he may think that this is annoying you and makeing you a little jealous, so i'd say tell him how you really feel and what you are thinking before the whole thing still continues, yes he does sound rather phycopathetic-ish, but it may just mean thats he;s being jealous, and cant get over himself.... and he most likely knows that your best friend will be telling you all of this stuff, and he may have also planned for it to happen, sounds likes hes really really trying to get to you, and make you feel like you meant nothing to him at all, but thats just the way some people are, they can at stupid, hell most off the time they do, so i say just ignore thats plee he may be trying to get to you with, and im here if you wish further advice.

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