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Help, he seems distant!

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I have been with my boyfriend for the past six months and we have been practically inseperable. We have a very close relationship that happened really fast. This past week, he was chatting with a girl on the internet and accused me of being jealous when i was unhappy with the situation. Since then we have not been together except once when i asked myself over to his house. He doesn't treat me like he is mad or annoyed but yesterday he said he didn't want to hang out when i asked him. I have been crying and wondering why he doesn't want to see me, although he has called a few times. Am i overreacting? He has told me not to worry and mentioned that alone time is good. What should i do? why do i feel like the relationship will never be as special as it was? someone please help calm my nerves, i love him to much.

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I don't know what the "situation" was, but I'm guessing that whether you're willing to admit it or not you really were jealous. Just give him time. He probably isn't going to talk to you about his "feelings" about what is going on because he's a guy and guys don't talk about that kind of stuff unless you have yourself a farley feminine guy. Just be as caring as you can from a distance and let him work things out. Once this separation thing is over see if you can get him to talk to you.

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Hey, nmarchildon!


I believe in "whatever doesn't break you, only makes you stronger".

Relationships and the bond shared by those involved are tighter than you'd think! And for the record... Not showing your feelings for the one you loved seems to be nothing but M O R O N I C to me.


girl says: I love you, hun.

guy says: Uh-huh, whatever.

girl says: Please tell me you love me!

guy thinks: Uh-oh, don't wanna loose her. Should I spill the beans? Heck no, I'm no woman, damnit!

guy says: I need to be alone.

girl thinks: He doesn't love me, arglebargle, glop-glyf!


Guy is a retard, girl is sane but stuck with a retarded boyfriend. Now am not saying that this is you and your boyfriend, nmarchildon. But I just want to say that not showing your feelings is to lie to yourself and your mate.


Good luck, I believe that you'll be able to work it out. See ya

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I think that right now you will just have to give him some time. There are some reasons why he has pulled away from you and I know it is killing you.


Have you noticed anything else wrong with the relationship? Has he been a little distant lately? Are there any other signs that might be causing you some concern. If there are no other signs, then I wouldn't be to worried about it. If there are other signs then he may be hiding deeper problems.


Do your best in the next little bit to occupy your time and when you two are together again, ask to discuss the issue so it doesnt happen again.


Good luck.

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