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light weight training for a beginner who wants to get big!?

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Hi all!

So I finally joined the gym and didn't really know where to start out. So the guy you runs the place put me on a light workout plan to begin with.


I forgot most of the names of the exercises right now, but there are 8 of them.


Leg Press- 20reps of 80lbs

Crunches- 20

benchpress- 15reps 60lbs


There are 5 other exercizes too but I forget there names. Anyway they involve barbells and some other things.


Anyway the point I'm trying to make is, well it's too easy! WHY WOULD HE WANT ME TO START OFF SO SLOW!? I heard that to get big, you gotta lift big!? Why would he start me on such a light workout plan? I reckon I could leg press 120lbs. I've never done any gym work before but I want to get BIG! What should I do, stick with this easy plan or what? Thanks guys

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if yuo start too fast you will pull something and then youre done for a long time. spend your extra time stretching, doing besides you need some type of defined muscle structure to grow into with the heavy weight and doing the light weights will get that for you. your trainer is doing his job.

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Yep - idunno is right - and it's also getting you used to doing the exercises correctly where he can watch your positioning and such and give you pointers if you're breaking form, BEFORE you move on to something heavy where that could mean a torn ligament or muscle, or a sprain that could be weeks to months in healing. After both you and your muscles are accustomed to the various exercises, he'll step you up to where you're building, but you need to condition and get proficient first.

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It's biology, man. You said you were never in a gym before. The first thing you should be concerned with is mastering correct form when doing your reps. You have to remember that you are using certain motions and muscles that you probably have never stressed before. Also, your ligaments and tendons need to stretch and strenghthen before you can start lifting heavy. It takes time, why do you think every guy walking down the street isn't ripped and huge? It takes discipline and determination. Stick with it and in 2 or three months you will see a big difference.

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I'm not real shore about what he's doing since I have never had a trainer, but here's my take on things. First you have to get you're form down or you're going to hurt yourself. Second you have to take a little time to get up to the heavy stuff or your not necessarily going to get hurt, but you'll find yourself in some horrid pain (speaking from experience here). Once you have you're form down and have gotten your body use to the work. He'll probably have you max out (see how much you can lift one time). After that He'll have you doing about 3 sets of 10 at 60% of your max weight, and have you max our about every 2 months. That's where you'll start to see things change. I personally do 3 sets of 6 at 80% the last three weeks before I max out, but that's just my personal preference. I also do sets of 30 the week after my max, but since you're worried about size and not maintaining metabolism, don't worry bout that. If he keeps you on the really light stuff for more than a month, start to ask questions about his reasoning. You have told him that at the moment you are more interested in size than anything else right?

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There are alot of articles and websites on the internet that will give you loads of advice. I would suggest to start searching and reading everything you can if you are serious. I have been working out on/off for the last 10 years, it can be my passion at times but I still research for information to gain how to better my workouts.


Here are a couple tips if you want size.

1. Train heavy. Stick to low rep sets (6-10 reps).

2. Proper form is essential.

3. Stick to multi-joint or "foundation" excercises. Bench press, cable pulldowns, squats and leg presses are examples of this.

4. Nutrition. Cant stress this enough. If you want to get big you have to eat. Eat eat eat. You must fuel your muscles with alot of protein or you will not grow no matter how much you workout. On a scale of 100, %60-%70 of my effort goes into nutrition.

5. Set goals. Stick to you plan. Dont give up.


There is so much information out there to better help you get started. Do you research. Ask questions.


Good luck.

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