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Whats your view on lesbian/gay marriage??

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Hi everyone. I have an open topic today. In my state they are trying to legalize gay/lesbian marriage. One of my classes is having a debate on this tomorrow, and your input could help me out. I'm just wondering what everyones view on this is. I know many are against, and many are for gay/lesbian marriages. Please explain and support why u feel it is right or wrong, i think this is a topic we all need to look at.

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i find that that law is unfair. your just being yourself and the state government won't let people be who they are. i think people don't understand how the whole thing works cuz some people think that gay/lesbian people choose to do that. well anyways i don't want to go on a rant but i think this is a great topic to discuss.

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Well under the LAW, marriage is a contract between two people protecting each other. and also recognition under the state that they are a married.


These people are humans just like the rest of us and have the same rights under the constitition.


the main problem with this is the so called moralist and religious right. in their ignorance and fears of something they dont understand they want to force these people to live under what they call moral and right.


Under our constitution their is a seperation of church and state, at least it supposed to be that way.


the facts are simple:


These are two people, PEOPLE! they love each other and want to spend their lives together. and under our constitution they should have every right that the rest of us straights take for granted.


What do these whackos think? that if they dont have gay marriages that there will be less gays? or that they will stop loving each other? of course not. yet they are people, and its their life, they were born here and their partnerships should be recognized by law. and every individual should be protected the same way.


I know ill get a lot of flack over this, but again its to be expected.


by the way, im 100% straight.

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My view on this topic is that i dont think its right for gay marriages, but im not against gay relationmships. My main reason is the children involved. I think it would be very hard for a child to be raised with 2 moms or with 2 dads. Gay relationships arent accepted that widely by children and teens in school. It can be very hard for a child with gay parents to go throught the torment they may undergo in school. Other kids can be cruel. I for one would not want to grow up with gay parents. There are things i tel my mom taht i could never tell my father. I find it hard to talk to men about certain things, and i feel i couldnt talk to my 2 fathers about things ( if that were the case ).


Also marriage was meant to be between man and woman. Marriage brings 2 people together to have children and create a family. Now u may say that gay parents could adopt, but wut about the lesbian parents who have sprem donors? Many of those children may grow up to wonder where there father is, because of course u cant just come form a woman, u need a man too. How is it fair to have the blood of a father and never kno him?i dont believe its fair.


This is my opinion adn i kno many arent goin to agree. But if this was all accpeted and a good thing, why hasnt it been a law all along? Why isnt marrigae juts a binding of 2 ppl i love, not man and woman? It has always been man and woman, so they can come together and make children.


Ne one else have ideas??

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i am open for gay marriages. if two gay people want to get married, thats their own business & their right. i don't see how it could effect the world in a bad way, or even a good way. i don't understand why people are so against gays getting married. gay people are only human, just like every other person. they have emotions, feelings, & they can love.

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Hi Colls !


Great question ! I myself am on the junior council of the oldest debating society in the world ! No messing either ! So best of luck with your debate tomorrow


Lesbian & Gay Marraiges,


Well, firstly, my brother is gay. I have no problems with gay marraiges at all. I believe that religion is the main reason that gay's have been excluded from society for so long, and it is ironic that one of the biggest hiding places for gay people was for one the catholic church ! That is certainly the case in Ireland which is predominately catholic.


Marraige is the committment between two people to each other - to have and to hold, in sickness and in health. I don't think that it should be taken any less seriously than a straight marraige, and that is in the eyes of the law aswell. The legal part aswell, and I believe that decisions based on marital status should not discriminate married people when it comes to rights and oppertunities.


However, I agree with Colls on teh children issue, and this is the major stumbling point of this argument. I do believe that the influence of two same sex parents could certainly in many cases give an unbalanced upbringing in terms of masculine/feminine influence in the childs life. In saying that, there are single parent families, and sometimes children can be brought up in many different environments - so there is an argument for a case by case judging system. This of course goes against what I said above, regarding equal rights and oppertunities. This is the hardest part of the argument to get around and I hope we can hear some views on children in gay marraiges !!


Hope this helps you some,

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I'm against. Why?


I simply don't believe that the traditional institution of marriage should be compromised. I believe simple traditions are the fabric of our country. I don't mind that two people decide to live together and love one another, that is none of my business, but when they want to change legislation regarding marriage, that IS my business.

I believe a traditional man and woman marriage is the rock upon which our country will succeed. If women marry women and men marry men, the traditional rules are thrown by the wayside and conduct of our children is now open to anything goes.

You see, if you tear the fabric a little bit, everything else becomes acceptable. Then boys who are afraid of girls never have to face their fear, but can simply date their best friend. Now girls who are attracted to other girls can follow up on trying to be affectionate with them when at it is simply physical attraction and young lust. Now lonely women in their 30's don't look for male mates but just date each other because, heck, they don't have to try anymore.

The fact is, it takes effort to maintain tradition. Those who aren't willing to put some effort in, and just sloff off, anything goes, laziness wins, and we just settle for a lesser society with massive confusion.

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I'm for it overall... whether it's called "marriage" or given a different term, at least some legal "permanent partner" standing seems called for.


For one thing, it gives full legal protection for what would normally be considered the first choice of the spouse to monogamous gay couples. Right now, in cases where the wishes of a deceased or incapacitated person are involved, regardless of the relationship, longevity, and stability, this reverts to the family/parents of the deceased or incapacitated partner, because there is no legal protection. This is unfair when two people have made the same committment and relationship that a married couple has. More likely than not, if you've been with your partner for many years, they have a firm understanding of your wishes - would you want this to be overruled by a family member, especially in cases where the family has been estranged or otherwise nonsupportive of your sexual orientation? Then there's the more mundane issues such as health and life insurance, filing taxes, etc. Why should a couple face any more obstacles because of being of the same sex?


As far as children are concerned - I grew up accross the street from a lesbian couple who raised two children from one's early marriage, both adopted, because she couldn't have children. They are both married with children of their own now, and having grown up with them, I can safely say they're more balanced and stable than many of my other acquaintances - their "parents" have been together for at least 20 years, because they were a couple before I ever knew them. I'm not saying this is the rule - but it's not as if a "normal" heterosexual marriage comes with many guarantees of stability with the divorce rate, either. Many women are choosing to become single mothers - is this any more balanced?

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hey colls, great topic

i think that gay/lesbian marriages should be legalised, just as Gilgamesh said a marriage is a contract between two people and i believe that as long as the two people truly love each other then i think that they should be married, i dont think it should be based on whether they are gay/lesbian/or straight, it should be based on their feelings for each other. i think that it should be leagal for gay/lesbian couples to get married, its not like it is hurting other people, and besides they are still going to have feelings for the other person no matter what other peoples views are, they cant change how they feel for each other.


hope helps

~LJ =;

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Gilgamesh - thanks I always read your responses with interest as well.


I've also wondered sometimes if some of the reputation gay (including lesbian) partnerships seem to have for being less permanent have to do with this - just like a heterosexual couple living together - with no formal vows or legal committment, it's easier (mentally) to leave when things aren't going so well, instead of having the formal reminder that you felt enough for your partner to make that legal committment and try to work through things. I'd be curious to see the statistics for the longevity of heterosexual "live in" or "common law marriage" as compared to current gay couples - because I have a feeling they'd be similar, a good bit higher than the divorce rate. If so, it could be argued that at least part of the instability as far as average longevity of gay committed relationships is due to the fact that current society makes no allowances for them to legally commit, almost a statement that they're not thought capable of it, or their relationships aren't "good enough" to warrant it - which would indeed be an interesting twist.

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I know I'm a little late into the subjectbut thought I would give my two cents anyway.

I'm in a lesbian relationship frustrated by the fact that we can't get "legally" married. I have three boys from a previous "strait" marriage. My children are happy and proud to have two moms. The oldest one is 14, and may not understand the whole Idea, but he would still say he is happier with her than his father. They just are happy that their mother is happy, the way it should be. My youngest, at 4, thinks he came out of my partners tummy. Needless to say he is happy too.

The thought that gay/lesbian marriages should be banned because of the children is just wrong. My family is proof for me.

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I'm against it. I really don't even want to know if someone is gay/bi/lesbian it bothers me that much. I know they're just being

who they are and it doesn't make them a bad person or anything

its not hurting anybody

but its just not something I believe and I frankly can't stand the

sight of same sex people being affectionate with each other. I

don't think that makes me 'homophobic' its just my beleifs and

they're not going to go away.

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Its goes against the Bible and what I believe. I think if you want to be diffrent and are gay/ lesbian, that you have to be treated diffrent. You can't have the same relationship as a male/female relationship. They can have as many ceremonies and they want, but getting married is just wrong. They are diffrent in the society and have to accept it. Sorry

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