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I dont understand my girlfriend


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I'm crazy about my girlfriend but she really frustrates me. We've been together for about 5 months and she has quite a few problems. I'm a senior in high school and she's a junior. Her freshmen year my friend tells me, she was a semi-slut, always talking about sex and saying how she needed to have it. She got in some legal trouble, halfway through her freshmen year and was sent off to a juvenile group home. there from what I can put together was that she was raped and sexually abused, mentally scarring her. She came back and during her sophomore year, hooked up with me. we went out on dates kind of often but she was really distant and I could be in the same room with her for an hour and she could never once indicate with any affection whether or not she liked me. I lost hours of sleep. but when the time came around to make out, we made out but something was missing. During this entire time she was doing triple C if anyone knows what that shit is, cough medicine, but if you take enough, you get higher than hell. she got busted for doing that shit in school and was sent off to another group home. for about 4 months I heard nothing from her but then got a call. she comes home on the weekends and had been doing so for the past 2 months. I went over to her house one weekend and we hooked up again and weve been dating for the 3 months now. she vows abstinence and is a complete man-hater, except for me of course. she is rarely affectionate, and has problems out the ass. What in the hell do i freakin do!?!?!?! I try talking to her but she will not freakin respond. I'm going insane.

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Give it sometime...I often want more from my gf too it trust me, it gets better over time as she learns to love you more. Tell her though, ask her but don't pressure her...you have to do it so delicately that its almost hard to get it right.


However, she has to know, before you crack and can't take it anymore. You too have to understand her and accept her for who she is...


Happy heb

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first, try to think of how this girl is feeling? but i understand how you're feeling too. if you just can't handle her, it would be better to just tell her. But if you care enough about her to try to make things work still, then i'd just try to be there for her as much as possible, and eventually she'll probably open up more, especially to you. i can understand why she isn't trusting of men, considering the circumstances. don't judge her by her past, just go by what you're learned from being around her, what attracted you to her, and what you feel like you should do.


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