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A poem, that says it all (friendship Lost)


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--I think this says it all--



I title this: " Anchors Up, Now lost at Sea"



All i wanted was friendship, and nothing more

Instead i was faced with a closing door


Un-doing the ropes tethered to my boat

I hopelessly began too float


My feelings and my thoughts for you only grew

But now they are cut short because of you


The times iv 'e tried you can't understand

How openly i greeted with an extended hand


With nothing but little to go on with

Iv 'e undone my knots and now I'm at drift


I can't look back

It's to painful for me

Just think of me as a ship lost at sea


I wont come back

I've already made that decision

More heart ache isn't needed, for an already deep incision


looking back at the times i remember

But my eyes fill with tears

And my hands start to tremor


With No light from a house

With no shine from a star

I've distance myself so very far


While trying to help, and be of an assistance

It only Delivered me more resistance


The water ways are closed

And there is no more navigation

My contact stops here, no more relation


You wont understand, it's not worth thinking over

The friendship stays still as a water leaf clover



Goodbye Jen



you think it's good, and it gets to the point ??? should i write it out and give it too her, or just remember it and verbally state it. ??? ideas ???

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Hey that was a great poem I especially like it because i have a fear of losing friends and it has happened to me before, I hope you and your ex-friend can become close again. I think you should write more poems they are very good and it seems as if you have a talent for this Great Job keep up the good work.

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