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Hello all, 24F, Texas, live w/ BF of 1 year for 7-8 months, very happy! great guy! love him! OK so thats me... now my situation thats clouding my mind is that there is this guy at my work, B, I first met B about 2 months before I met my BF, I instantly got the HUGEST crush on B, didn't talk to him, but would watch him walk down the hall, and just ddrrroooollll, he had just gone through a divorce and I jotted it down as a crush. I meet my BF things progress, I mean he's GREAT.


WELL B and I have formed a "buddy" friendship over the last year. He is still one of the most attractive men I have ever seen to me, and I like his personality. I feel like some of our convos have deffinately been somewhat flirtatious, and I actually am beginning to think he might now have a crush on me!


On top of all that, my boss was like, you know B sure is a nice guy, yall sure do get along well, telling me to date him! Now my work is pretty conservative, and my BF... isn't, neither am I really, but I am very professional and able to pull it off, he's not. I know the people here think I need to "do better" but he really makes me happy.


Right now I am just kind of rolling down the river. But about once a month I have some incident w/ B that makes him the only thing I can think about for days! This is one of those incidents.


Murphys law! Dream guy gets a crush on you when your in a happy committed relationship! arggghhh

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Sounds like a crush in the simplest/purest sense of the word, if you were attracted to a movie star or something with a crush, you wouldn't relate it to your relationship, so I'd just enjoy it for the crush it is, admire from afar so to speak, if you're happy and love your BF... you know your BF makes you happy, and you know you love him, but you have no way of REALLY knowing what a relationship would be like with B. And if it wasn't all it's thought it could be, well, work relationships, especially if they're not going so well, can be messy, and you'd be out a BF.

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