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In love with a friend and had an argument

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I seem to be on here all he time at the moment. I just asked my friend if she felt anything more than friendship again, as ive done it once before. It Turned into a blazing row, she told me how every time we went out she considered more than friendship which she never told me before and that she said that she was fed up with my moods and stuff when we went out and said she really did think i was a good person and stuff.Then when i said is it too late for anything more than friendship she said that she wouldnt guarantee anything but we would see each other when she felt more comfortable (in a couple of weeks) and carry on the way we have been.This has been going on for a long time and me saying thats has got me thinking again,i really do care (actually love)this girl and me just caring about my own wants has messed up everything but i can't help feeling i might get more hurt if i carry on because she does admit to liking some other people but i can't stop thinking about her.

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As much as you might not like it, if she says she only wants/likes you as a friend you're going to have to accept it. I have been in this situation and I know how hard it is to be accepting and rational when you are so emotionally attached to someone. But having said that you can't really make her feel the same way about you (as you do about her) and after she had some time to be more comfortable and reaches a decision you will have to respect it.

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Well, if she said she considered every time you went out to be "more than friendship," then she does like you, but it sounds like she's tired of you being moody. So if you really care about her, think about how to make her happy. That's different from making her happy just because you want her to love you. If she wants to back off for awhile, back off. If she wants you to chill out when you two are together, do that. It sounds like maybe you're obsessing over whether she likes you or doesn't, but try to find a way to control that. I know that's not easy, but it'd help your case.

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