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Thats right I think I'm gonna cry myself to sleep:sad:

After re-evaluating my past relationship I'm coming to the conclusion my ex might have had a wife or another girlfriend. My intuition is telling me something just was not right in this relationship. Here are my reasons:

1) He would be distant during the holidays when he would go back to his hometown (ie. going 1-2 weeks without calling me.)

2) One time I called him while he was in his hometown, and there was a baby crying in the background and he had to go.

3) Another time I called him while he was in his hometown and there was a girl in the background saying "Who's that?"

4) within the 1 year we were together I never met his family.

5) He repeatedly changed his myspace status from single to relationship to divorced to in relationship to single, even though he knew it blatently bothered me. His excuse was myspace is a not real website, so it shouldn't matter.

6) He would discount my feelings.


Anyway I guess my question to you all is have you been in this situation (you thought your b/f or ex b/f had a wife) and what Red Flags did you notice? How did you find out the truth? Also, in general what are some red flags in your opinion?

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To me those definently sound like your ex had someone else in his life. I read up on those a lot... but anywho yea... I find that if you got treated like that you don't need to cry over some jerk like that. I find it ok to cry tho... for me it releases stress. Like Enomis said "peole come into our lives for a reason." I do believe this too. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Now you know what to look for in your next relationship. You'll get someone who actually appreciates you for you someday Keep your head up!

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did you ever ask him outright?


no I never asked outright cuz at the time, I wasn't as supspicious. You know the saying, "love is blind," well I was blind. Now after we broke up I am having a revelation about things that just didn't seem right. My intuition is killing me right now. Why, why on earth did I not see this coming?

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Hey Pink!


This often happens - simply because you wouldn't have thought someone could be so untrustworthy - and because - as you say - love is blind.


Don't become jaded though honey - but do keep your eyes open in any new relationship


Take care darling.



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