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I was a virgin up until now. Of course I wasn't relaxed. Why is sex emotional? After doing it, I feel like crying or insecure. I'm pretty. It's hard. Probably because I feel like my boyfriend did it before....help! I'm tired of asking him questions that don't matter to him. They matter to me but he says nothing happens. Anything to keep me????????? Shucks!!!

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Sex is emotional for many, its like a power, can be used for good or evil, as a weapon or as an expression of love.


Do not, I repeat do not start asking questions about your B/Fs past loves. this is a sign of insecurity, and its something you need to get past. I had to stop dating a woman once because of this, she could not let up on my past. I couldnt take it anymore. she just kept on asking about details of our relationship together.


You need to see what you have now, he is with you NOW, he loves you NOW, he is wit you because he wants to be with YOU.


as for relaxing during sex, when you can let go it will become easier and more pleasurable.

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