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how did you go about dating a coworker?

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hey oceanview. (& happy new year).


I will just state the obvious and say 'it depends.' other than that, two little things worth keeping in mind is that it's especially valuable to establish a bit of a light and comfortable friendship with them first so that if it doesn't work out, then you have something safe to fall back on. The safe advice is that it's best not to date co workers. But then, work is often somewhere you get to know a side of a person that you might not somewhere else. In my experience of being interested in co workers (and it was a non professional environment) I played it safe and waited until we were no longer working at the same place to show my interest, but I did try to be friends first, to show an interest in that sense. One co worker who I was mad about, I almost regret waiting. It was probably the smartest thing, but if I could do it again, I might have told her I was interested in her early on, but in a light kind of way that I wouldn't feel crushed if she rejected me (which she in the end did), because that would have given her time to consider me and suss me out, and work out if she might have any interest in me. If you wait until they're gone, and you're not even friends, then there's a lost chance to get to know each other more whilst on the job.

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