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How to cure sleep problems?

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I have been having a problem lately of getting to sleep. I can never fall asleep until like after 5 am and then if I get woken up just a few hours later I can't go back to sleep even though I feel like death and it's starting to drive me insane. I'm so sleep deprived its making me sick. What can I do to make this go away and sleep normally again? I'm also a very light sleeper and everything wakes me up and keeps me awake. And right now, my boyfriend is snoring and birds are chirping and i have to be up in an hour anyway. Not good. :sad:

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I have a couple ideas. One is to create a nighttime routine for yourself. Even if you don't feel tired, get into bed at a reasonable time like 10 or 11 PM. Try not to do things that are too stimulating beforehand. When I went to a sleep clinic they said no computer, TV or any really interesting books. I don't actually do that because I'd be bored out of my mind, but you could maybe turn all of that off and read a magazine before bed. But create a specific routine like, at this time go wash up for bed, then get into bed with a magazine, read for a bit, then lights out. Eventually your body will pick up on the cues and know it's time for bed, which will help you fall asleep faster.


Another idea is to make sure you're really busy during the day. I know when I had my sleep problems, I wasn't really that active. I was in college and I had my classes and homework, but otherwise just sat around. Once I became more active in clubs and other activities and my day was filled, falling asleep became easier. Even now (I don't have a sleep problem at all anymore) I can see a difference in how fast I fall asleep on busy days compared to relaxing ones. Every Sunday night it takes me longer to fall asleep.


Last idea is to invest in ear plus and an eye mask or whatever it's called. It'll block out those things that are keeping you awake.


Oh, and they say that if you can't fall asleep, get up and out of the bedroom, go read a book for like 15 minutes and then go back to bed and try again. And definitely don't keep staring at the clock. It just makes things worse.

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i agree with dali girl. in addition, don't drink caffiene after 3 PM. i sometimes do a relaxation yoga session right before bed, that really helps. i have some dvds on it, then i pop one in and that usually knocks me out. sometimes i take sleeping pills if it is quite bad, but that's usually not the case. i also have a bed time ritual - that really helps. first i work out, then shower, then i check ena, then i watch something on netflix, and then i fall asleep after 10 minutes, lol.


good luck

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Hi my ex girlfriend had sleeping problems, which I believe revealed a problem deeper than the actual sleeping issue.

A google search about this gives all sorts of good tips, and what to do if there might be something deeper happening..


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