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i wish i didn't miss you


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I don't know what to say

Or even where to start

But I never would have guessed

It'd be you to break my heart


You can just walk away

But I don't feel the same

My love for you was true

And to you it was all a game


I wish there were a way

I could go back in time

To hold you in my arms

As if you were still mine


Please someone tell me when

This pain will go away

When I'll forget the past

And move on to another day


A day where just for once

You face won't cross my mind

I won't think of our memories

Ill just leave them all behind


I won't think of our good nights

Or the way you made me feel

I'll move on to someone new

Someone whose love is real


I won't miss your arms around me

Holding me so tight

I won't long to feel your body

Pressed against mine through the night


The memory of your kiss

Will finally disappear

And never again for you

Shall I shed another tear


I say all this right now

Wishing it would be true

But I know tonight, Ill go to bed,

Crying over you....


p.s it's all true

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Im really sorry your missing who your missing. If theres any faith I say dont give up, but dont be to there for them. If there is no faith, Id say, thers nothing you can do with thinking about this person, the only thing that passes this away is "time" when your really love someone its hard to let them go... but if it wasnt ment to be, than god wouldnt do it... right?


hang in there, time heals all... if you need me for anything my screen name is jryan0604... ill help you through it all

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i thought i was moving on, but that just brought all the memories back. if u keep thinking like that, then they will always stay. time heals u as was mentioned earlier. Im going to print that poem, but keep it somewhere safe until i can read it with getting a tear in my eye.


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