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Hi Ho, I've got another woe


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For a not so short history of the relationship between C and I read:


Note: it's long again, sorry


Past what's been told there C and I eventually got together officially and it started out quite well. (and as a note, I suffer from mild anxiety and depression so my views may be tilted) We spent alot of time together, loving every minute of it. She got me to start playing WoW with her which is so much fun when she's on. But lately things haven't been so good.


Her parents grounded her due to grades and a stolen phone fiasco that I won't go into detail about save that she's innocent. She's been down the past couple weeks, undoubtedly due to the grounding. She's called me perhaps twice, she used to call alot more, once again, understandable due to the grounding situation. But she's also been acting a bit more distant than usual. It seems like I'm not even there sometimes and it hurts. The past week my anxiety kicked in and told me she lost interest and is going to dump me, on and on without any true basis to go off at this point. Tuesday turns into Wednesday, Wednesday to Thursday and I'm a wreck. The anxiety was driving the depression which was driving the anxiety which was, well you get the idea.


At the end of school she came and sat by me and I just out front confronted it although I knew it was silly. I said something along the lines of 'the reason I've been down the past week is because I'm so sure you're just going to up and dump me.' She comforted me and told me it wasn't so and asked if I wanted to do something Saturday, when she was ungrounded. I eagerly accepted her invitation.


Friday I was absent from school due to exhaustion.


Then on Saturday I found something great to do, go see one of the last showings of the Nutcracker at the Overautre center, live symphony and all, she'd love it. I call her cell, no answer. Call her house an hour or so later, no answer. A few hours later call both because I wanted to know if I should order tickets or not, no answer. She called back a second or so later on the other hand, apologized for not answering as she was asleep. I asked her if she wanted to go but she declined saying that her friend, Co (same one from the history post, she sat on his lap while we were still 'fresh') and her were going to see a movie that night but, she was sorry because she forgot as it'd been a hectic week for her and said she'd call later that night.


Well no call came that night, and she won't respond to my IMs tonight. Her away message stating five minutes has turned into 3 hours and I just looked and she signed off. I'm thinking she must be avoiding me, but then again that may be the anxiety.


I'd consulted one of her friends in the past week and she said the reason she wouldn't get closer was because she was afraid I'd dump HER! And the reason she still won't kiss me is because she's scared. I think I just answered my own question writing this...at any rate I've bought her a gold-dimondique heart shaped necklace for Christmas though we've only been together for a little while, I wanted to show her how much I cared about her so I give you these questions o diligent readers:


1. Do you think I was ditched?


2. I've been off and on depressed about our relationship, should I just abandon it and look for something better for me?


3. Is the necklace too much? I don't want to come off as 'buying her love' because I'm not, I wanted to get her something special and that's what I found. Nor do I want to scare her away with it somehow


4. Am I getting worked up over nothing?


5. Is it a good idea for me to wait for her to make contact with me? I'm thinking it would be a good gauge but I'm not sure. In the relationship I'm the one that usually called but she would also.


I love her to pieces but fear that that's how I'll end up, in pieces.


Thank you for your time and patience, I know it was long, I'm working on summaries

The Direly confused Strange Kid

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