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Trough the relations i've had before i never been jelouse. But now i've change suddenly i do feel jelouse and i can't control my self.i know that it is insecurity and that i should not feel like this but i can not help it .my man's friends are straight up players, i met them as nice guys and each one of them had a girl and they were serious with their girls or so i thought when i started to notice that they had different girls in every double date we went out. So i found out they only acting at first.now i can't stand them and i don not let him be with them to much like before he used to, i get mad at him and explain to him my reasons but still he fight with me and tells me that he needs to be with his friends, i tell him that he should of thought about it before we started living toguether. I tell him that i don't trust his friends anymore. And that he should understand me.i do not think is fair that he goes out with his friends while i stay home waiting for him

i'm a wife type of girl, i do not stay out till late and if he wanted to be with his friends he shouldn't have ask me to come and live with him....... Please help do you think i'm over reacting?

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You're definently wrong to want him to change his friends. Thats someting you have no busnes messing with. Now you wanting him to make you part of his social life... that you have a right to ask. You do need a little time apart, but anything more than the ocashional guys night out is him pushing his luck. You have a right to want to be part of his social life, and if he wont let you in, then I have serious questions on how long your relationship will really ask. Just becouse someone dosn't cheat on you dosn't mean he's keeping his mind true to you, and the more he lets his mind wonder, the easer it will be for him to let you go.


Just my opinion, but don't let anyone become a large part of your life, if they wont let you be just as big a part of thers. Maybe thats just the fact that I've been stung like that before talking.

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