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What is the best way to do it?

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i am 28, i have terminal brain cancer with about 6-12 months to live

my wife who i have been dateing since i was 14, told me she wants a divorce, she wants to move, take my 2 kids and start over with someone else.

i love my wife and my kids, loseing them like this on top of the pain and side effects from the tumor is more than i care to take.

i have talked with people about Antidepressants , but from what it sounds like rather than make you feel better, they make you feel nothing. i dont want to spend the last bit of life i have with no emotions, i'd rather die the person i am now. before depression and cancer change me.

anyone know of a substance or method that has little chance of failure?

i dont want to shoot myself because what if i survived? plus the mess it would make.

jumping off a building sounds pretty damn scarey

ODing on pills doesnt sound like it works well

cutting your wrists doesnt sound like it does much good.

my Thought was for using Carbon Monoxide from my car or Hanging

Hanging sounds pretty effective and painless if you break your neck rather than choke to death

Carbon Monoxide could leave you brain dead but still alive and that doesnt sound good.

so i am seeking advice for using the best method,

please no B.S. about

dont do it, blah, blah, blah. if you want to help hook me up with a effective way to die with out a s#@% load of pain

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without my wife or kids my last months will be spent alone.

this christmas will be the last time i am able to be with my children and my wife is only going to let them see me for 2 weeks, after that i wont see them again no matter what so i have nothing to hold on for after then

the coming months will be filled with pain,depression, solitude and chemo/radiotherapy as i gradually become more and more disabled. not exactly conditions for enjoying yourself, no matter how cheery you are.

dieing from brain cancer is not an easy way to go.

i'd rather burn to death or drown im sure both hurt a hell of a lot less.

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You're wife sounds like a monster. You've got months to live and she wants to take off already? She's your wife, man! She's supposed to stick by you through this. That's the saddest thing I've ever heard.


If I were you, I'd spend the next months like a rock star. Go sky diving, plan a wild trip to Vegas, shoot heroin. You can do anything you want!


Also, if you do go through with the divorce, make sure you get a good lawyer and see to it that your kids are taken care of and your wife gets NOTHING! That's all she deserves.

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Don't do that even if you feel like you want to. I can't for sure say this cause i'm not you and i'm not in your position but I think I would do crazy things like skydiving, stuff I never would have the guts to do. Also, think of your favorite car and go test drive it. Eat anything you want!!! Have fun with the time you have left. Do something incredible like run a marathon, or something. Make a name for YOURSELF. Make your presense known, don't just end your life before it has truly ended. The doctors can only predict how long you have to live, it doesn't necessarily mean it is the exact time you will live. Besides, if you have had your life cut short, go out there and live the rest of it. Talk to friends you haven't talked to in a while, visit relatives you rarely see - show ppl you care and maybe when you're gone, they'll remember you and the impact you made on them....They will feel very special if you chose to spend some of the last few months of your life with them. I hope you feel better and you live the rest of your life to the fullest. I hope you decide to live it out and not turn to suicide because you're worth more than that.

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you said that jumping off a building sounds scary, oh and killing yourself isn't??If you REALLY wanted to kill yourself you wouldnt give a damn how you did,as long as you were did right? thats all that matters to you? your not thinking of anyone but yourself. If you love your kids as much as u said, would u want them growing up knowing that their father took his life in his own hands when you have still months to live? That may screw their lives up as well. And stop being so damn pathetic going on a forum to ask hows the best way to kill yourself.You know what..if you wanna kill yourself, do it.but you dont know what comes after that......

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