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  1. Hey lol. Another late response. I completely forgot about this site, so I was going back and reading my post from like 3 years ago lol. I had it sent up to her classroom during the day with a teddy and candy. Yeaaaaa turned out she had a bf that already graduated. The rest of the year was awkward between us to say the least. Thanks for the post!
  2. "My eyes were closed so I wasn't aware of the situation." "I was the victim!" "I slept with two girls; thereforeeee, they cancel eachother out."
  3. While Rayana is entitled to his/her own opinion, I think all the signs are there. She comes over to your house, you two go out to movies...What more do you want? Besides, Valentine's Day is a very special, romantic day. If you don't do anything with her on V-Day, she might be disappointed b/c she expected you to make a move. I'm not trying to put any unnecessary pressure on you, because I am just giving you my two cents, but I think you have a shot. Good luck with whatever happens.
  4. I feel ya man... I'm a freshmen in college and I've come to learn that everyone's current goal in life around here is to get wasted and laid. Sure, there have been people that resisted the cultural trend for a few months, but everyone eventually "crossed the dark side" so to speak. I've been lucky enough to find one girl that was different but that relationship is a thing of the past. Keep searching, there are some out there few and far between.
  5. Well you should definitely break up with the original bf is you're going to treat him like that. I dont mean to be rude but no one deserves that. Even if your family approves of him and there is security and all that jazz, to have a successful relationship, you have to be satisfied with the partner as well. By the looks of it, you want something more. I'm not sure what advice to give you about the fling because it gets even more complicated since he has a gf, but I think you should definitely let your bf go so he doesn't have to waste any more energy, time, and feeling on a relationship based on lies.
  6. Perhaps you are still in a mode of imagination and are experiencing feelings of disbelief when the thing you wanted is actually coming true. Scratch that! Maybe you are afraid to mess up something that could be great. It's easy to fantasize about success, but carrying your fantasies out in reality is often difficult. I can relate: One time I was totally obsessed with this girl that I felt was out of my league. I wrote her poetry and made my feelings evidently clear but she showed no signs of attraction. I began to give up, and then out of no where, she told me that she wanted to give me a chance. I was so shocked that I didn't know how to act. I was scared of committing to it even though it had been the thing I had yearned for for endless months. I showed indecisiveness which caused her to change her mind later. This is an example of how being afraid to take a chance when an opportunity is given to you can leave you with nothing but regret. Next time you get a chance, go for it! Don't make the same mistake I made.
  7. I dumped this girl after 13 months. We tried to hang out as just friends after and it was awkward to say the least. I sorta felt some sexual tension. In addition, the little things about her that didn't really bother me began to get on my nerves over time. I still respected her and was thankful for our wonderful relationship together, but I wanted to distance myself so we could both move on. She didn't understand that. I think the dumpee always has a problem with the split b/c they are often caught by surprise and not emotionally ready for it while the dumper has already thought the decision through and has made up their mind. That's just my take on it......
  8. My friend is completely obsessed over a particular guy. She is in college right now and only sees this guy when she goes home. I guess you could classify them as friends with benefits. She wants a relationship, but he just wants to play around. Every time she comes home for a weekend or big break, she sees him and is very happy. He leads her on to believe that he wants to have a relationship with her, but by the time she leaves to go back to college, he says he changed his mind. This happens EVERY TIME. The guy is using her and because of it, I'm one of the friends that has to deal with it by making her feel better. She is always depressed when she thinks of him, but at the same time, thinks that no other guy could fill his place. She can't move on from this if the guy keeps convincing her that he has changed his mind. Each time she is deceived, she admits being naive and promises to never go back to him.....sometimes she resists for a little while but she ultimately crawls back to him everytime. The situation seems like it is out of my hands but I want to do something. I can't stand to see her go on like this. Should I talk to the guy and interfere or sit back and watch this happen? BTW, she would get mad if she found out I tried to solve the situation by talking to him. What should I do?
  9. I actually can relate alot to your problem. When reading this post, I actually questioned whether or not I wrote this post and forgot about it lol. Anyway, the non-romantic yet loving relationship you have with your friend is a wonderful thing. It is something that should remain as a constant happiness in your life. Regarding your problem, I'm not sure if the criticism will just stop on a dime. I think people will always make assumptions, many of which being false. I have learned to ignore the childish teasing. The reason these people bother you about it is because they have no idea what it is like to have a strong connection with the opposite sex that isn't tied to romance. Be thankful for having found this special friend and live life not by others' rules but rather on your own accord. "To each his own."
  10. Background: I'm an incoming college freshmen. I have learned to adapt to my new, no one cares about you, environment. I'm the kind of person that can handle isolation, but I'm not sure a friend of mine is so good at handling it. I've known her for almost three months, the amount of time I've been up here for college. She has been living the single life for 5 months now. Even in such a short time, she has become one of my really good friends. I hang out with her and a group of other people about every day. She gets hit on all the time by guys on the internet and around campus, but I have always respected and admired her for her choices in guys. She has always rejected the "weirdos." Lately, her life has been going through a downsloping spiral. Her brother is being sent to Iraq. Two of her good friends died. She got in a car accident and totalled her car. I can understand that misfortunes such as these can lead to emotional exhaustion and depression. Each event knocked her down, but she always managed to get up. I think she is tired of trying to get up. Now she has been taking an interest in guys that would normally turn her off. Her standards have been rather diminishing and she has been frequently bringing up her desire to get wasted and fool around with random guys....the kinds of things she has always been totally against. I have tried to help her cope with everything, but the pressure of it all has become too much for her. I wont deny the fact that my willingness to ensure her happiness may be partly due to the fact that I have feelings for her, but I also want to act as a true friend and stop her from making such rash, foolish decisions. My words do not seem to get through to her anymore. I do like her but I have decided to never pursue that interest for a few reasons: 1) I have never been so close to a girl with no physical contact and I value our close friendship b/c girls can offer different advice than guys. 2) Because likes to flirt, most of her guy friends have taken her actions as signs and tried to make a move on her without success, and I do not want to lose her trust by being like all her other friends. 3) She has gone through alot lately and the last thing she needs is a relationship to add more junk to the mix. I know this is long and confusing. It's hard to sum up everything, but any advice would be appreciated. I just feel, by being such a close friend to her, it is my obligation to look out for her when she is currently so vulnerable. Her problems have become mine. She is like a cousin/sister to me. What am I supposed to do?
  11. Alright so of course my story must start off with a girl....let's call her Amanda. No great story is complete without a super villain..let's call him Nick. By the way, I'm not Nick. I'm the nameless third character lol. Nick-n-Amanda Nick is a friend of mine, not very good one, but a friend nontheless. Alright, so it is really obvious that Nick likes Amanda. He offers to walk her to her car, clean up things for her, and he acts like a totally different person when she is around. It is apparent that Amanda does not feel the same way for Nick (she told me), but that never seems to stop him. He just gets more persistent. Amanda-n-I When I first met her, I did not really have any feelings for her. Lately, however, I can't stop thinking about her. Out of all the guys in our group of friends, it seems like she gives me the most attention and when she looks at me, it feels like a long gaze/border line stare some times. Now this would make me think that she may like me, but I have doubts because: 1) When she always sees guys with long hair or red hair, she always says how hot they are. I have short brown hair so I strike out twice in that department lol. 2) If I'm not her type, well maybe she is attracted to my personality, but I am sort of the funny, loud member of the group, so she may be looking at me simply because of my sarcastic humor - that is what most people do 3) Even if she truly liked me, I'm not sure If I should pursue it because I don't talk to my ex-gf and I don't want to lose my friendship/contact with Amanda. At the same time though, I want to be with her more than anything. I think I'll just slowly try to become closer friends and she how she reacts. Any advice or suggestions would be great. Thanks for reading
  12. This is how I see it. Looks are the first thing I notice, but I surprise my self sometimes with my indecisiveness. One minute I won't be attracted to someone and then something will happen or change and then I won't be able to get them off my mind. I think the key is to offer a man something that he doesn't already have. Something that not every girl can give him. Anyone can dye their hair blonde and wear a skirt. Often times, I don't understand my sudden attraction to certain girls. I don't think there is a word to describe it, but this much I know, personality is a big part of it.
  13. Wow, very original! I love your lyrics. Keep up the good work
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