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Is he serious dating material

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I am currently a freshman at college, but a few weeks before I left for school I began hanging out with a coworker. One night we decided to have sex, and thankfully the next day all was well between us. After that we began hanging out everyday, usually having sex at the end of each night. Do not get the impression he was using me, as it was generally me who initates doing it. By the time it came that I had to leave for school, we had grown close, and he even cried the night I left and spoke to me about how different I was than other girls, namely because he actually wanted to hang out with me after hookin up and still wanted to be friendly. It's been nearly three months, and Ive been home for all except two weekends to see him. He has never been to my school, and although I know he works on weekends, I always wish he would at least make an effort to come to my school. Whenever we go out he always pays, brings me to various fun spots with all his friends, and treats me as his equal. However, he cannot show signs of affection, and has a major problem with trusting me with guys at school. I avoid any situation now where I think guys may hit on me so that he wont get angry, or more importantly, he wont get hurt. I sleep at his house every weekend, which is something he doesn't allow unless he really likes a girl, and his family has been wlecoming and as friendly as I could have ever wished for. I guess I am just confused as to whether or not it is going to go anywhere, or just stay a weekend hookup with weekday telephone conversations anticipating friday nights. Any advice you feel I should know- please tell me!

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I think this guy really likes you and is serious.


his problem is his defenses are on overdrive, he is either afraid of getting hurt, has insecurity problems, or is afraid of his emotions. in any case.


If you like this guy, then continue with him, he seems to have many good qualities, despite that one flaw, but hopefully over time he will let loose, have more faith in himself and in you.


If the jealousy situation gets worse, then you may have to say bye bye. because a loving relationship is based on trust.


If he is just being insecure, you need show him that he is special to you and give him the reasons why.


I dont think avoiding men in order to cater to your B/Fs insecurities is a good idea, this doesnt solve his problem. he needs to learn to trust you.

if he sees that a bunch of guys hit on you and you dont pay them mind, eventually he will learn that you really are just interested in him. but by doing what your doing your pampering his insecurties.

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I agree w/ Gilgamesh (like the pic BTW) I think he does really like you, but probably has been burnt b4, wasn't looking for a relationship, and then w/ you leaving for school. You dont need to be not talking to ppl b/c it will upset him, I think yall need a real heart 2 heart, his jealousy will prob continue to be an issue, but I think firstly yall need to decide to be in a romantic relationship. If ya figure out how to stop jealousy, let me know, k? =) Good luck!

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Maybe you should have this conversation with him instead. Basically we are getting your view of it. Its quite possible that the details of his affection are getting skewed because of how you want it to be. It could be that he is nervous about pursuing a relationship (particularly a long distance one) or it could be that you are expecting more out of him then he is willing to give. Just have an honest conversation with him, no matter how scary it is. It is the only way to know for sure.

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