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WTF Happened Here....Any thoughts??

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Ok...here's the short story...I hope...


I'm with girl A already...girl B comes to me for boyfriend advice. No problem. She's a friend and I always have time for a friend.


She returns to me 2 months later...and throws herself at me!! I AM WEAK! I accept her advances to a point (first base). I really like girl A, but girl B is intriging (I have a weakness for tall blondes). She continues to persue. 6 weeks of this, and I give in. Tell girl A I need a break and go to girl B's house with the news. OFF COME THE CLOTHES!!! YEEE HAAA!! AWAY WE GO!! To be honest, I was a bit down cuz of the break-up with girl A, but I figured in time, I'd be ok with my decission.


Well...girl B disapears...don't hear from her for a week...I'm a bit peaved. She shows up a week later with.."I really always thought we wern't good together, and I don't wanna get too involved at this point...can we be friends??"


WTF??? She "jumps" me asking for a break-up with girl A and then gets "scared"?? Hard to say if the sex was bad...she was tottally into it..mabye she's a good actress?? I dunno....been with enuff to know what works and what doesn't.


I did the "proud man" thing and gave her the "yeah, I knew we were a bit off as well" speach and promptly went back with girl A (thank goodness she took me back...I was happy with her before all this)


Truth is (as you have figured out) I kinda was lookin forward to exploring with girl B. I'm not unhappy with Girl A, but I am a bit confused.


Talk to me...any thoughts???

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A few thoughts:


1. You were really lucky this time you didn't end up on your own.


2. You'll likely get flamed by people on this board.


3. Are you looking for advice? What on? I'd likely advise that girl A is likely not right for you as you summed up your relationship with her by saying "I'm not unhappy with Girl A ...". If you're not serious about her, perhaps you should try and figure out what she wants.


4. Girl B used you. You used Girl A.


I take it you're young. You need to figure out what you want out of life. If you want short, fun relationships, and the girls are willing to let you have it that way, sounds like you're doing just fine.


If you want stability and something meaningful, you're going to have to settle down and work on a relationship.

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Well I think you sumed it up yourself "Ugottabejokin", you are weak. You must really care about girl A, just dumping her and going to girl B's house to screw. Wow you must have been real happy with girl A! You're lucky as hell that she took you back. With girl B who cares if the sex was bad because that probably has nothing to do with anything, the fact is that there was no more game for her. She got you to do what she wanted, it was all a challenge in her head. She played you like Nintendo and when she won she went and got a new game. I truly hope that girl A finds out about girl B and dumps your ass. Anyone with so little respect for their significant other doesn't deserve to have one.

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Ummm..well...yes...I do deserve the flames....



There are details left out and my short-hand makes me sound a bit calous, but you all got the jist of things.


Best advice seems to be to explore around a bit. Girl A is too good to be "used".


And , no, I'm not young...just seem to get played alot.


Thanks for the responses.

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