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Life of Pi - A must read


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I just finished reading this book called "Life of Pi". One of the most amazing books I have ever read, if not the best. The book tells the story of an Indian boy who survives a shipwreck while on his way to Canada. I don't want to ruin your experience, but the book is a must read. The allusions are amazing. This book will make you think!

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I loved this book too. It was one of those rare books that had me skipping happily to the library to drop it off, still a little bit high and cheery from reading it.

Bought copies for several of my book loving friends.


It's magical and beautiful, isn't it? The language is something to be celebrated when we find it nowadays.

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A very entertaining and thought provoking book. A fantastic story, both uplifting and heavy at the same time.


A few quotes I love, and empathize with:


"He's a shy man. Life has taught him not to show off what is most precious to him."


"...that measure of madness that moves life in strange but saving ways."


"For the first time I noticed that my suffering was taking place in a grand setting. I saw my suffering for what it was, finite and insignificant, and I was still. My suffering did not fit anywhere, I realized."


"Life is a peephole, a single tiny entry onto a vastness - how could I not dwell on this brief, cramped view I have of things?"


And perhaps the saddest, affecting me with recent events and something I need to remember:


"What a terrible thing it is to botch a farewell."




Warning - possible spoilers:


So which story did you believe was true?


I believe them both. That to make the animal within himself acceptable, Pi had to release him at the end of the voyage. What a fine allegory to release the tiger within us, then tame that beast, then release it when its need has been served.


In the beginning, when the elder Canadian Pi recalls Richard parker with a fondness, does he miss the beast within himself. The beast he lived with for so long that sustained him during his struggle?

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