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Question about working out and Diet

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As some of you may know I've started working out recently to get buffed up. Anyway I have read that to build muscle mass you need lots of protein in your diet.


My first question is can you people recommend some food that is very high in protein? I've been eating a 100 gram can of Tuna a day but would like to know some other drinks/foods that are also very high in protein.


My next question is after I've finished my protein meal when is the right time to work out, 2 hours after you ate or what?

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GNC has some sort of White powder drink that is all protein, i work with 3 guys who are all in boxing school, and they all have large mass, i asked them what was best to eat, And to build upper body mass, they all said it depends if you want internal Strength, or just the Building of the area your working on improving, he said something about "Dynamic" lifting and taking large amounts of protein, along with a High calorie intake., he said that approach is more for building MASS, rather than strength. about how long you should wait before lifting, I'm not sure about so I'm leaving that alone, But i do know your muscles Grow while you sleep, the rested state..kind of the way you grow in height.


SO lifting 2-3 hours before going to bed i guess is a good idea, at least it works for me, and feeling it the next morning is good, that pain/ache that is your muscle tissue being replaced and creating new, more muscle tissue. If you want to know more i would suggest going to GNC Web site, and looking up Muscle builder, i hear it cost about $50.00 for a VERY LARGE can of it, which is either mixed with Milk, or water...but i hear it works, i need to pick some up myself...good luck hope i helped..

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