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Dating a black girl


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A friend of mine is married to a black woman. IT's been his experience that black women are very sexual compared to white women, and he enjoys doing something to her face that contrasts very nicely against her dark skin. If you don't get my meaning, feel free to pm me for clarification.



Oh brother. Well, yeah, they say black men have bigger genitals too...let's all just be stupid and generalize...

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I just know that there are women of EVERY ethnicity that are very sexual....and there are men from EVERY ethnicity that are genitally gifted...to even say that one group is special is racial. How many black women did this man date before he married his wife? Or did he find his nirvana of sexy and stop there, claiming this group was the end all?

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A friend of mine is married to a black woman. IT's been his experience that black women are very sexual compared to white women, and he enjoys doing something to her face that contrasts very nicely against her dark skin. If you don't get my meaning, feel free to pm me for clarification.


I can't help but laugh everytime I read this post.


and this one


That. FWIW, he knew her less than a year, found his "nirvana", married her. Within 2 weeks he realized he made a huge mistake and he's miserable. The ONLY joy he gets is writing the alphabet on her face. It's so not worth it.


Let this be a lesson to everyone out there not to marry the first girl that lets you cum on her face

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When i was in grade 7, this fully developed black chick in my class, 6foot something tall, great huge boobs, towered over me, decent looking. Anyways she had a crush on me and used to pick on me to show it. She used to pick on me to the point of bullying me. Ever since then i have never found any black chicks to be sexually attractive. Brown girls yeah but not black ones.

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Well...I am in a similar situation me and my boyfriend are both brown... but different religions ..and that's a big no no in our community...I don't know how to talk to my family about it..coz I know it wont be accepted.. but oh well...


my take on things.. as long as you love her... who cares...

in the end its just you and that other person..

I honestly don't like guys in my community..i find it exciting to get out and explore too...so its just human nature..


there's nothing wrong with not playing safe!

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Although race is more of an issue in the US than in England, we have the same attitude that someone "mixed" is labelled as "black". I even found it strange that the "black" US presidential candidate doesn't even look that black to me. He wouldn't pass as native in Africa, so to me he's mixed.


Well, yes, interracial relationships and marriages do get strange stares and one of the funniest things that happened a few years ago is that we were looking after our friends' children one day and realised that everyone was looking at us. Then I realised that an Englishman, Chilean girl and 3 African kids would have looked a bit strange.


Our daughter is now 17 and has had some racist comments but, as she's grown up in England, she's more English than I am by temperament/culture.


BTW, I was married to a Chinese girl for 3 years.


I don't have a fetish about foreign girls, it's just how it happened.

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lol nice replies here. Like I said before it's not really a fetish for me or anything but I find ethnic girls to be really sexy. As for black girls being more sexual, thats not true, any race or girl can be sexual it really just depends on the person and their personality. I have friends that have been with black girls and guess what, its all the same down there, physically and mentally.

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I've dated interracially since my freshman year of high school...


to me...every race has its own sex appeal...skin color, hair, body features, and cultural personality traits all have extremely desireable qualities about them that you simply cannot find all in one race...


I'm going to do some stereotyping here, but its all true in my case and its all good things that drew me to these girls...


I've dated a couple asian girls...I was turned on by how cute they were & how they tended to be more "submissive", and I always loved meeting their parents...the food was awesome!


I dated a girl from India...I loved her hair and her skin tone...she was beautiful...and I learned so much from our cultural differences that we were always able to talk about all kinds of different things.


I've dated one girl who was mix black/white and one girl that was 100% African American...I loved how asertive both of them were and always spoke their minds. they didn't back down from fights. they let you know EXACTLY what they wanted in bed and gave 100% of themselves back. they didn't put up with BS...and didn't give any out either...it was great!! and there is just something sexy about white on black skin in the bedroom...the contrast of it is just hot I think...


I've also dated a couple latino girls who I thought were some of the most commited and passionate women I have ever come accross...not to mention wild as hell in bed.


and then I've dated a menagerie of white girls, some of foreign origin, who encompass many different very quality traits as well...


to me it seems like the color of the skin and the physical features are secondary to the cultural differences in what has attracted me to women of different races...


I dunno...maybe I'm just different and weird...but I love women...and I love the different packages they come in...brown, yellow, red, white, tan...doesn't matter...everyone of em is sexy in my opionion..

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I noticed there is no interracial dating section on this website, but what are your thoughts on a white guy like me, dating a black girl? Does anyone have any experiences or thoughts on this subject? I am personally open minded, I don't care about ethnicity, but I can see how it would present problems with friends/family and your social view.


Also is it bad if I find it appealing to date girls outside of my ethnic race? I mean it's not something I focus on, but I think it's cool if I can experience something else.


I think its beautiful. Go for it.

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