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What do you think about dating older women ?


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I'd have no problem dating a woman 10 or 20 years older. Older women tend to be more sexually comfortably and experienced, more confident in what they want out of a man/relationship/life, yes typically have more emotional baggage but are usually more emotionally grounded and less likely to fly off the handle.


just in my experience. I've dated a few women older than me and it was great. Hard to picture something long term but everything else is just wow.

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When I met my husband I was 37 and he was 26.


I thought he was "too young." But he's persistent. By the time I agreed to go out with him, it was more with the thought of, "I'm only going to show you we have nothing in common" than the thought that it could be the start of something big.


Been married for a bit over 5 years now.


He apparently doesn't have a problem with the age gap. I got over whatever reservations I had when it became clear to me that he had the same relationship goals I did. It didn't hurt that we were finishing each other's sentences the first time we talked on the phone, either.

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