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It will take some practice with him, but he should learn to gauge his feelings and when he think's he's getting a little overheated, back off. He can spend large amounts of time making you feel good without regard for himself (you like that advice, eh?), and then later move in for himself. That will help you get into better sync.


There are other less organic approaches, but I think this is the ideal one.

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30 min seems normal to me also, thats something like twice the avg.


Does he get tired or lose erection?


if its an erection problem, that can be caused by many many things, for example it can be a medical condition, or just not getting good nutrition. also stress on the job.


If he is past 40 he may want to get a testosterone test, see is he is low on that. men can go through "Andropause" similar to female Menopause, a simple hormon replacement therepy can solve that.


Also sexual performance anxiety could also be a factor. medications he is taking also can have an effect.


as for things he can practice, Kegals is the best, everyone should do em, women and men. what are Kegals? its that muscle you use to stop the flow of urine, squeezing and relaxing that muscle many times a day is very healthy for the prostate, and is very sexually stimulating for the man when a female squeezes him when he is inside.


Also it makes for stronger climaxes.


Nutrition wise, zinc, selenium are important, have him take a good complete multi vitamin everyday. those 3 a day variety are usually better.

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Hey in_the_mirror. It's Happy


I'm glad to know that you and you're bf's would like to explore "new grounds" in your sexual encounters.


It really depends on the type of person you are, some people are very emotional, others just can't control but I'd say 30 minutes is a good time anyway...I don't think it's needed for him to keep it longer as sex should be a mutual thing, both of you should be comfortable and happy, if his "brother" down there wants to do his thing, then so be it!


However, if you do, it is slightly harder and Gilgamesh has lots of good points. But apart from his and dfcannon's reply I think it's really up to u's to find ways, practice makes perfect!



Happy Heb

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