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he's younger than me


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ok..there's this new freshman at school and he's really cute and nice and he has these beautiful green eyes...i really like him but hes only a freshmen and im a sophmore...im afraid that i will get made fun of if i go out with him because he is a freshmen..do u think that i will get made fun of..i really like him....what should i do

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ok i hear this problem somewhat in our school but no one is made fun of unless your a senior going out with a fresmen. it really isn't a big deal cuz i mean your prolly not that much older then him considering just last year you also were a freshmen i guess you think it is a big deal cuz u just got off of being low man on the totem pole.

i mean if you like this person you shouldn't stand around saying "well i don't know he is almost a year younger then me" it isn't really a big deal i think you should go for it. who cares if he is a freshmen. it just shows that people don't have a life if they are making fun of you.

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Hey, if you're gonna worry too much about things people can find to tease you about your guys, you'll really limit yourself (you'd be amazed at what people can find to tease you about!), and really, I don't think this is that big a deal. I dated a guy the grade under me, and didn't hear that much about it. I got a lot more grief cause one of my guy friends was over a foot taller than me! You like him, go for it! They tease you can always say you weren't gonna wait and watch some younger chick snag him and his green eyes first

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In keeping with my general use of personal experiences to offer advice, I hope I can offer something here-

In all of my relationships, including the present one, my girlfriend has been/is older than I am. The largest age difference I've experienced was 14 months. And yes, both she and I were made fun of on occasion, but it honestly didn't matter to us. We loved each other and that's all that mattered. (Must be something about young green-eyed guys! I'm one of 'em!

My advice to you is to go for it, and good luck!



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