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How... do you go down on a girl?


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I'm embarrassed to ask, but how do you go down on a girl? I know the basics, but ... advice from someone experienced would be greatly appreciated. I've never done it, and I've heard that it's a great pleaser for the women. I think I'm at the point in my relationship that it would be fun and comfortable exploring new things. Any tips/advice, even a step by step! would be appreciated. Thanks

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well my b/f will start by kissing my neck and then work his way down slowly and then yea. if your asking what to do once down there someone else may be able to help you a little better but playing with her clit with your tongue starting fast, and then slowing down when and if she starts to jolt. but it is different for other people. hopefully this helped a bit and someone else will prolly help you more. good luck.

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Ah, one of my favorite things, you are a smart man to want to learn to do this well.


Its not just about the mechanics of it, its the whole thing, noticed how the last woman said, "he started on her neck and worked slowely down" you dont wanna hit the bullseye right away, its not about just getting her hot by doing this, you want to get her so hot that she begs you to start already thats when shes ready.


Its hard to describe what to do, because each woman is different, and what make excellent sex is being "in-tune" and sensitive to her body language, subtle things like how she moves her head, legs, her breathing even her heartbeat.


I like to build the anticipation up so much in them they cant take it anymore, kissing on the mouth, touchs with my hand, sweet words from my mouth, I kiss lick, even nibble using my lips on and all around her down there, slowley sliding my tongue, tracing certain areas, when she just cant take it anymore, thats when ill start on her clitoris, I change rythm or technique often, flicks, licks, and su$%ing her, always sensitive to her responses, lightly teasing her little pearl with the tip of my tongue.


There are so many variations, sometimes Ill stick a finger inside her at the same time, massaging her g-spot. I really love giving a woman oral sex, is just turns me on, its powerful in a way, to make her tremble and explode underneath you like that. everything about it makes me wild with passion, the taste, aroma, the feel. its wonderful.


Thanks to you, now I gotta take a cold shower.


by the way, the clit is in the upper portion where the labia minora meet, sometimes hidden under a hood, it is very very sensetive so be careful, it sometimes is so sensitive it can bother her sometimes if over stimulated.


as for pressure, speed, etc, that varies, but usually start slow and soft, and build up slowly speed and intensity using feed back as a guide (moans breathing, heart beat. her hand behind my head pushing me in).


also, have a little towel ready, to wipe you mouth, before kissing her, you may dig her taste, but some women are a little turned off by their own juices. just depends on the gal. if you show how much you enjoy it, and compliment her on her taste and how pleasent it is, she will feel so much more relaxed, some girls (usually young inexperienced) are very worried about aroma or that you may get grossed out or something. make them feel comfortable that everything is a ok.

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this is mostly a play it by ear thing, dont fly down there and start slurping away. its not a rush job. try different areas and gauge her reaction.


and dont listen to the last post, when you are done, kiss her square on the lips, she'll remember it forever, though she may dump you for it, or she may like it in which case she's probably bi (personal experience)

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Just remember you have to have passion when you are eating a peach so don't be afraid of it. Be sensual and don't be mechanical. For example, when you watch a porno and a guy is going down on a girl and he is flicking away at the clit. Well from my experience most women don't like this. It's a combination of soft then firm then soft, rinse and repeat. Although chickas get most stimulation from the clit don't spend all your time there, but work around the clit then attack it when she gets worked up from the surrounding stimulus.


Important thing as other posters said is a combination of kissing around and on the area. So don't just spend all your time in one spot unless she is responding "Oh Yeah that’s the spot"!! Other thing you can do, and don't always recommend this but put your finger inside of her and motion with your pointer finger as if you are trying to make someone come to you (so to speak) that should stimulate the G spot. Although no one knows where that thing is, It's only a myth anyways


I absolutely love eating Peach it’s my favorite thing to do, I am a giver more than a receiver so I can do it for days. Remember it’s all about the commitment and heart. You just have to have heart to eat a good peach. I sound like a coach, ok good Game!

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Definitely don't go down on her after a few minutes of half-assed kissing and groping. You need to get things heated. I like lots of kissing, some attention to my neck and breasts and some fairly firm pelvic grinding (usually clothed or atleast with panties on). You need to try and gauge whether to strip her from her clothing in a slow teasing way or a greedy firm way by her responses to the above activities. All this stuff helps prepare and relax a woman for oral sex.


If I'm going down on a woman I usually start (after working her top half) by stroking or massaging her feet and legs, working my way up her thighs with kisses and nibbles. I do this fairly slowly unless there's been alot of foreplay already and my partner is clearly ready for a clitoral onslaught


Once I reach to the top of her thighs I usually give some attention to the crease at her thighs and pelvis, lots of women loved being kissed there. By this stage I'll make sure she's comfortable the way that she's positioned and then I'll get into a more comfortable position so I can get to work.


I then usually press my mouth to her mons, and her labia majora. I make sure my mouth is quite wet or this can feel kinda weird. Depending on her responses (is she squirming? or is she just laying there?) I will then usually make my tongue flat and take a slow lick from the bottom of her labium to the top, but stopping before I reach the clitoris. I may do this again depending on her reaction. I will then usually kiss either side of her clitoris, and from experience my partner is by now usually raising her hips or holding my head still, which tells me that she wants more. If she's not I might have a bit more work to do.


At the right time, then I'll cover her clitoral hood, or her clitoris with my mouth, again making sure my mouth is wet, and slowly move my tongue from left to right on it; making sure my tongue is still flat and not pointed. I do this softly or firmly depending on her response to my initial contact. I will then start a sucking motion, breaking sometimes to lick her labia again or whatever feels like a good idea at the time.


I don't insert fingers into her vagina immediately as this can be quite uncomfortable if done too soon. I will continue licking or sucking until she's (hopefully!) making noises or bucking her hips.


I will then insert one finger for starters and leave it a moment so she gets used to it before as mentioned above, I curl my finger in the 'come here' sign so I can massage the top wall of her vagina, about two inches in when she is lying down. Sometimes two fingers works better, sometimes three. Oh, and I make sure I have neat, trimmed fingernails so I don't hurt her.


By this stage she will be very aroused, and can handle a firmer touch, so I make my tongue pointed to massage over her clitoris. Don't forget to pay attention to her labia too. Sometimes I remove my fingers and insert my tongue into her, whatever feels good and gets the best responses.


There will reach a point (hopefully) that she will move alot and cry out, perhaps tensing her inner muscles, which is my cue to step things up again and focus on her clitoris with a firm sucking action. I will then begin to use my fingers (however many) still slightly bent up to massage her gspot and her vaginal walls with a firm but gentle thrusting motion. Take a cue from her though as some women don't like inner stimulus like that.


Then usually this is enough for her to ride on home so to speak, and I do whatever she asks me to do if she's a vocal person, which is always a bonus. As she orgasms I usually feel her inner muscles clamp around my fingers and her thighs clamp around my head and I continue doing whatever I'm doing unless she asks me to move. It's important- Don't Stop. Faster, slower, deeper. Whatever she wants.


After her orgasm I usually stay where I am without moving, so mouth around her clitoris but not on it and fingers still inside her for a few moments so she can adjust, and then I will take my mouth off and then slowly remove my fingers. Doing this too quickly can feel weird for the woman and takes away from the afterglow. Unless she moves straight away of course, in that case I go up and give her a smooch on the mouth.


I am a woman btw, and this rarely fails to get a genuine pillow-biting orgasm.


Hope that helps.

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In order to make a girl go crazy using your mouth, this is what I recommend:


Remember every girl is different, so you may wish to vary the style, speed, and force with which you perform oral upon her. These are just some general pointers that work for *most* women, not all. And remember, it's all about the WAY you do what you do. Be sexy about it. Be into it, be passionate, and above all, be receptive to her body language and what she asks you to do and responds to.


Start by breathing over her * * * * * , and her thighs. Kiss her inner thighs softly at first, maybe lick on them and suck on them in different places. Run your tongue along them towards her * * * * * , but don't touch it. Kiss above her * * * * * (especially if she's shaved) and lick and tease the area above her clitoris. Make sure your mouth and tongue are really wet.


When you've teased her to the point where she's squirming and moaning a little, or telling you to start licking the * * * * * itself, then it's time to move your head right between her legs, and position your lips and tongue directly over her clitoris (if she hasn't already pushed your head down there). At first lick the clitoris softly (make sure your mouth is wet) and slowly, not much force, just teasingly, delicately. Kiss it. Kiss it passionately, the way you kiss her mouth. Caress it with your lips and tongue. Don't forget to interject kissing and licking her inner thighs and licking her labia as a variation. Lick her hole, too. Slip your tongue into her hole. If she likes that, slide your tongue in and out of her hole, like it's a * * * * . Do that forcefully, but don't hurt her. Lick her ass, if you can get to it. For that, licking from behind is the best, when she's on all fours. Lick around her ass, around the rim, and then slide your tongue inside (if you dare!). Don't do



it too hard, and make sure you don't force it in. Just teasingly, gently, letting her know you love her body and want to pleasure her in every way. One thing girls usually love is when you lick from the bottom of their * * * * * * * right up to the top of their clit in one long, luscious lick. You can do that a few times.


If she reacts to a certain thing, repeat it. Now for the serious stuff: When she starts to enjoy it, begin a rhythm of licking her. Lick her whichever way she likes the best (ASK HER!) or whichever makes her moan the loudest. And REPEAT it. Over and over, in a rhythmic motion. Make your neck work, put your whole head movement into it. It should be a sweeping, repeating, constant motion, with your tongue and lips either caressing or encircling, swirling and stimulating her clit over and over until she starts to shudder.


As she enjoys it more, you can get a little harder. Some girls like it very hard (lots of pressure), and very fast (super fast), but most girls like it softer and more delicately. Kiss it as if its delicate. Lick it as if its delicate, don't press your face in too hard once you're in the rhythmic motion. You should try and tease her clitty to orgasm, not force it to orgasm.


Some girls, when they're coming, like a variation. When she starts coming, and starts to throb, DON'T STOP - but some girls like you to make it harder (or softer) at the point of orgasm), or to suck or nibble on it a little bit. Very few girls like you to just leave it alone. Most of them, though, like for you to JUSTKEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING until they're done coming. Then, once they've collapsed and are exhausted, either carry on going, starting from scratch (to make them come again), or slide up and kiss them on the lips, letting them taste their love juices from your mouth. Then it's time to either receive oral, make love, or curl up and go to sleep.


I hope this works and I hope she loves it.




that sounds just about perfect!!!!

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Some girls, when they're coming, like a variation. When she starts coming, and starts to throb, DON'T STOP - but some girls like you to make it harder (or softer) at the point of orgasm), or to suck or nibble on it a little bit. Very few girls like you to just leave it alone. Most of them, though, like for you to JUSTKEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING until they're done coming. Then, once they've collapsed and are exhausted, either carry on going, starting from scratch (to make them come again), or slide up and kiss them on the lips, letting them taste their love juices from your mouth. Then it's time to either receive oral, make love, or curl up and go to sleep.



Sleep???? OH heck no.... if she's like me then the party is just getting started. Right after I have a big "O"... I'm most likely to pull you up by your hair... and it's time to rock-n-roll.... usually I can have multiple "O's" this way.


We're all built a bit differently and like different things. But from the answers you received above... You've got some great direction here.



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