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Women that really like you who play chase me games


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There is a difference between "playing" hard to get, and a woman that is selective.


Its almost a deseption, she is "acting" like she is living by her values and is not easy. they are pretending to be like the other type of woman, one that knows what she wants and is selective and sticks to her values of what she expects.


Why do those girls "act" hard to get, its to make the guy think that when they decide to go out with them. feel "special". but in most cases this girl is anything but selective, usually after some "popular" guy that will make them look good in front of their friends. its all childish games if you ask me.


Thank goodness im past that age.


The real prize for a man is finding a girl that knows what she wants, who she is, and lives life for herself not through others. when a woman like that chooses me, not only do i feel special, I am secure in that I dont have to worry about that dreaded "I need some time to find myself" or "I need try new things" speech that ruins so many young relationships.


I know i drifted a little from the question, I got carried away hehe.

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