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my most important post ever...please reply

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ok, this MIGHT be kinda long , im not sure yet but i have a lot to explain so please help me



my last post was about a girl i was liking or whatever, but i dont really WANT to like her because i think she only likes me as a friend and she doesnt really give me signs that she likes me as much as i like her. well we talk and everything but nothing special, she does to me what she does to a lot of guys , so i dont think she looks at me the way i look at her, and thats hard to deal with. becuase i want her to know i really like her but i dont know how. but she knows i do a LITTLE.



but whats strange is that i broke up with my "kinda girlfriend" about 2 weeks ago, we werent going out officially but we liked each other,we went to homecoming together and everything. but i got mad and stopped talking to her because she said she flirts with too many guys and a relationship with me wouldnt last. so i just kinda brush her off and always ignore her,now she's mad at me too. and its like we're through completely. but the truth is i still like her too, and i miss her and the way she used to treat me.



my problem is i like both of these girl ( i know its weird but you dont understand) and i know i gotta choose ONE. and i got a problem with BOTH of them


how do i handle these situations. i really think i want to be with the second girl though. im a LITTLE confused but i need some kind of feedback SOON.



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I wouldn't think it should be so complicated. One of the girls your "kinda girlfriend" already told you that a relationship between the two of you wouldn't work out right? because she flirts to much, she said. Why would you want to be with a girl who admited to you that she flirts too much with other guys? She obviously needs to grow up. Now your friend, you say that she doesn't seem to like you the way that you like her. Have you given her hints that you like her? I think you should persue her, and drop the other girl, because she doesn't seem to be ready for a relationship. But that's my opinion, its all up to you. wish you luck


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Flip a coin....



Just kidding of course.


So lets see, your psuedo Ex girlfriend is upset with you because you were upset with her.


And this other girl has you in the "friends" department of her mind, she may or may not know you like her.


You know if you look at your post again, you will see a trend here, nothing is concrete with you, your not decisive, its maybe this, or kinda that, and even the whole basis of the post is about not wanting to make a choice because you like both girls, although it seems you really dont have them one is angry with you, and the other so far only thinks of you as a friend.


What you need to do is make a choice, stick with it, and thats it. give your all. since you really did have "something" with the gal thats angry with you, talk to her, try and make that work give it your full attention and effort, if it doesnt work, then you should try the new gal. ask her out, tell her how you feel, make it known to her what you really want.


Chances are you may not get either one. but then again who knows.


By the way, if the psuedo Ex, decides to hook up with you, forget about the new gal, dont you think it would be a little hypocritical that you got upset with her because she likes to "flirt" yet by hanging with that new gal your doing the same thing only worse. So be decisive. and stick to your choice.

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