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Girlfriend conversation feelings


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i really don't know how to state this problem or situation i'm in but i guess it's something to do with all of these strange feelings i get when i talk to my long-distance girlfriend on the phone.


i love talking to her and hearing about the things she's doing and she listens, it's just that sometimes i don't think she takes me seriously. it feels so one-sided on the phone when i'm talking to her, like i'm nothing but a friend to her. i'm always the one mentioning how much i want to be with her, or how much i love her. or even telling her i love her.


i don't know. has anybody else felt that? like the relationship is one-sided and that they feel they're not being taken seriously. it's just that i feel she's too easily distracted on the phone and just doesn't pay full attention. but it's not always like that. right now i just got off the phone and i left with a bad feeling. i know it's childish to feel this way, but when i was telling her 'i love you' a million times on the phone, right in the middle - she burped. she always does and i don't mind but right in the middle where i was telling her i love her? that hurt me a little bit. am i stupid for feeling that? i know she didn't mean anything by it, but i don't know. she puts up with so much with me and i know she loves me. i just don't know


this bad feeling i get is like a mix of jealousy, depression and the feeling of being abandoned. i don't feel like this all the time, it's only during the weekdays sometimes after school, when we talk on the phone. i just can't escape the feeling. like i mean nothing to her when in reality i AM the most important person in her life.


i've felt this way before in a way, in a past relationship. i seem to be the kind of person who gets jealous easily. it's sick and i shouldn't feel that way. like she doesn't pay attention to me a lot. so far, i've been trying to avoid feeling like that and it sometimes works but now it doesn't. i sometimes believe our problems that we faced in the past with her trusting me makes her feel like she shouldn't be all affectionate since maybe something like THAT might happen again.


should i tell my girlfriend about these feelings? about how i feel like that? i'm just scared i might hurt her feelings, or she might think i'm taking her for granted - or even worse - get into a fight with her.


i appreciate everybody taking their time to read about this feeling i have and advice and insight would really help me out


thank you so much

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WOW! thats happened to me before, i know that hurts but anyway, im not sure what kinda ADVICE to give you but i do know that you MAY be a little more into the relationship than she is, i think you should have probably not have gotten so attached to her and so "in love" with her that quickly....how long have you been going out? and not only that, were you sure she liked you before you asked her out? , i know this is hitting you hard but hey, maybe she just doesnt know how to express her feelings about you. maybe you should ask her out right how she feels about you seriously. i hope everything works out! keep us posted

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I'm confused about this part:


i sometimes believe our problems that we faced in the past with her trusting me makes her feel like she shouldn't be all affectionate since maybe something like THAT might happen again.


What does "THAT" mean? Did you cheat or get insanely jealous or something?


Anyway... yes, you should talk to her about it. I mean, of COURSE you should talk to her about it. It's a relationship... you are SUPPOSED to tell each other how you feel. When you are in a long distance relationship ALL YOU HAVE IS COMMUNICATION... so if that is lacking you're not going to get very far.


Maybe you are both in two different places with how you feel, maybe you're not... the only people who can figure that out are you and her. If you feel that she's insensitive or that you're too needy and jealous you need to try to fix that and come up with a compromise. If they are not fixable, then you will always have these problems... and I don't mean just in this relationship, but in others as well. You will soon see (as you already have) that unresolved relatioship problems have an uncanny tendency to repeat themselves in any relationship you get into.

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