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Me and this girl (co-worker of mine) have been dating for so long now. I can see that there's a spark and chemistry between us and she likes me as well. The problem is on our dates, I never made moves on her (as in putting my arms on her shoulder), I really don't want her toget offended, How could I make her become my girlfriend? Should I ask her? What should I do?

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okay mate this is what u can do


next time ur out hold her hand while walking , you have to take the itiative you have to be a man or i am sorry it aint going to happen.


start by holding her hand then look at her deep into her eyes if she smiles kiss her simple just do it , lean over and kiss her



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Shyguys advice is good, since you been going out a long time, take it slow, hold her hand while walking, next time, hold her hand and look more into her eyes in silence, maybe brush the hair from her face, and say something like, "I want to see your pretty face" if she walks close, put your arm around her. give her a kiss good bye eventually.


take it step by step, if she is not into you for romance, you will know right away, she may let go of your hand or get nervous when you look into her eyes. then you know that shes not with you for romantic reasons, but if she is responsive, and I think she will be, then continue. isf she askes you why you have this interest in her all of a sudden, tell her the truth, tell her you cant hold back the way you feel for her, that you were afraid how she would react. etc.

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