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He cant trust me because I have to0 many guy friends

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so there is this guy who i have been friends with for a while now....we were going to go out..but i started going out with this other guy cuz he like stopped talking to me then he got all pi$$ed at me ...then we started talking again and i started to really like him again...well now he has came up with this thing that he doesnt know if he could, i think he was gettin to was that..he cant trust me b/c i have to0 many guy friends...well ok i dont get along with girls as well as i do with guys..i mean girls ( i know for myself) that all they got is problems and all they do is b!tch...and all my guy friends, im really close to..and i could never give them up for the world..yeah it may seem that we're a lil to close but there my budds and there here for me for w/e it maybe.

but i dont know what to do to get that thru his head...but see i have cheated ONCE and i got sh!t on after that and now i know how it feels to be cheated on and it sux and that happened a long time ago and all of my other b/f's after this all i havnt cheated since..i know it only takes one time for that to happen and then somebody not trust u...but i could never do that to somebody ever again.

right now im single and i really want to be with somebody that really cares about me. and i think that this guy really does care about me cuz like the other night he said that he thinks about me all the time and sh!t...and like he drives 20 mins out of his way about every night just to come and see me.

i dont know for sure...but im not going to give up being friends with the guys that im friends with no matter what so if he wants to be with me then hes going to have to live with that...cuz i would never make him stop being friends with somebody.

i dont really know for sure what i am asking but if anybody has any idea just from reading this..please reply


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no matter what you should never have to give up your friends. i mean you know your trustworthy and that should be enough for him if he likes you so much. maybe he will understand that nothing more will come of your friends then just being friends. but really you should talk to him some more and tell him that you don't want to give up your friends and stuff im sure he will understand.

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tough luck. the man you are considering seriously is at odds with your friendships with other men.


friends or lover? you have to decide. you can't change your not-yet-lover, yet if you keep your friends, you will eventually drive him away. keep him, and you will have zero male friends (except maybe those certified gay, or maybe even not if he is against gays too)


so why not pick a lover from among your (non-gay) male friends? that way, you get to keep your males friends and a lover who may not object so much. (he will still object. men are possessive too)

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