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my girlfriend and i are deeply in love and we both trust each other immensly. we have very strong feelings for each other, and we both decided that we want to go beyond kissing, but not all the way to full-blown sex. what comes after kissing? what is the next step? we are ready to go further, so can i have some advice please? thanks.

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After Kissing, Hmm well that all depends on what she wants...your not thinking correctly (no offense) does she want more than kissing, have you asked her, does she feel comfortable going a little further, if so than you have a green light, just rub her back, caress her face, hold her hands and slowly stroke her lower back, have you kissed her on her neck?


If not than try that, usually right below the ear and along the side of the neck are good HOT spots, than you could slip your hand a Little lower But watch for yellow lights, if you sense she feels uncomfortable with that than go back to where you started. You should use your hands Because it makes it better for her. feels more intimate.


Try some of those and see what happens, Hope i helped. *Good Luck*

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