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Finally meet someone great, but kinda scared to go further

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Well, here's my problem... I've been seeing someone for the last couple months... about six months now. And he and I have gotten really close. In fact, I think I am ready to take the next step, and sleep with him.


Only, there are two problems. The first one is, i am a 21 year old virgin. I am a little scared of what is goning to happen. And yes i do trust him.


The second is, i do not have a healthy body image of myself at all. I really don't like myself in that respect.


I don't want him to see me, but how would you be able to stop that right? Does anyone have any suggestions to move past this?

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Ok I am a 21 virgin and secound I dont like how I look at my self too. There is nothing wrong with both of those things, next is how you get over it. That is semple just go for it. You know the saying "tryal by fire" that will get you over it quickly or make you more scared next time.

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dear butterfly!

I think I know how you're feeling.. I've been seeing my boyfriend for ten months now, and I still hate it when he looks at me. I'm kind of ashamed of my body, and I wonder what he thinks of it.. but I've learned to live with it, and trust him when he says he likes it. I know that he loves me and doesn't care how I look. And I'm sure your boyfriend feels the same. you just have to trust him when he says that he thinks you're beautiful. even though it can be difficult! if you have been going out for six months, he really must love you for who you are. If I should give you an advice, it would be to trust yourself, and love yourself for what you are..


and don't be afraid of the first time... It's really nice to do it with someone you love. It's such a special monent, that he won't even think of how you look.... the only thing on his mind will be: God, I love her!

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Buddafly, there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to your body. So many girls have this image of what the perfect body is and that tends to be the body of a famous person / model. Most of these people are plastic or have undergone other methods of surgery. If your boyfriend is still with you and respects you then when he sees you naked he's going to see the perfect body because he loves you and everything about you. As for the first time thing it can be a scary thought but just tell him to go slow and if he knows that it's your first time then he will respect that and be gentle. If it doesn't feel right or there is pain just tell him. There's nothing to worry about. You love him, he loves you.

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