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Too Many Thoughts -- Hating Life -- Is It All Worth It?


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Hello Forum,

I am in desperate need of some help right now. I carry around a LOT of guilt/fear over things my husband says or does, or things that haven't even happened yet but I fear they will, and have a very hard time letting things go. It happens very often. I feel like I need to talk about my problems too much and that nobody really wants to hear them or really cares. I try to talk to my husband but don't really feel fulfilled that he wants to know.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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The only problem I see that you have is that you don't trust yourself. You are obviously telling youself something, but you don't know if it's true.


Your feelings are your feelings. Just because you have uncomfortable ones, does not mean you need therapy. You are right to feel the way you feel. Stand tall! Be proud that you don't put up with scummy behavior, because that is EXACTLY what it is.


Lay down the line. If he is a married man, he is a faithful man. If he can't be grown up enough to handle that, you need to save yourself from a LIFETIME of pain. If you lay down the line, in the long run, he will respect you. If you don't, he will have no respect for you at all and it sounds like he already is lacking in the respect department.


Regarding a church. I have found that my relationship with God is very personal. A church can only do so much for us if we don't recognize God is with us ALL of the time. He wants what is BEST for you ALL of the time. So do I and I don't even know you.


Good luck.

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