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I posted before bout homecoming. Now shes my date but only as a friend *sigh*. i talk to her day and night now... but every time i bring up stuff bout bf and gf she changes the subject... Also i know she likes me cause she told me but iono if she only thinks im cute or realtion type need help asap.!!!1

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Hi I remember your post ok its wicked that she is your date now, cos before you were worried she may not go with you, see things happen if you take your time.


Ok next step is to show her a good time show here what kind of guy you are. And she will realize it her self ya. Don't push it to much go with the flow waitt till the homecoming and sweep her of her feet.


After the night is over and you taking her home get one you knees and hold her hand and ask her to be your gal, its so romantic and she will be gob smacked. But make sure it's in a quite place. But romantic.

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Be happy! She is willing to be your date. The job is done. Don't push so hard!


You are asking too much of her and frankly it's boring. A boyfriend and girlfriend become so because they are friends. Doesn't sound like you are being much of a friend. You are trying to force her into an official agreement. Just be her friend. Let her move at a pace that is comfortable for her.


Rejoice man..you've done the hard work already.

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