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Should I go out with her?

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Hi all,

Well this girl from work stunned me by asking me out, wasn't expecting it at all and I just said "well I'm pretty busy next week but give me your number and I'll give you a call" so she gave me her number and she seemed very happy that I "appeared" interested in her.


Now she is a nice girl and all but the problem is I'm NOT PHYSICALLY ATTRACTED to her at all, you see she's short and "plump" don't mean to sound mean here.


What's going to happen when she expects me to cuddle up to her and kiss her?? I could do it but I would NOT enjoy it. I mean looks aren't everything but I gotta find them somewhat attractive. I've had this problem my whole life that girls I'm interested in aren't attracted to me and girls that are attracted to me I'm not attracted too. It's a vicious cycle. Any Ideas on what I should do? Should I lower my standards here? Thanks heaps.


Oh I'm 20 and she's 17 incase you need to know

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Well one thing your right about looks not everything,

Some times just look beyond the looks and see what's inside, no one is telling you marry her but give her a chance and go out with her and you never know she may not feel the same about you at the end of it, not trying to sound bad.

I was once asked out by this guy and trust me he was NOT GOOD LOOKIN at all, but I was told by my mates to give him a chance. And oh my god we got on so well never met anyone like him.


I really fell for him and we ended up going out for least 2 years and till this day I still love him and you know what.. looks grow on me, did not think it was possible but it is.


So give her a chance.

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mano you canot judge the story of a book just by reading the back cover!! but it helps make you wanna read it.


i think you will find if you give her a chance that you might be surprised at what is beneath.


i think you may find her inner qualities outweigh her visual ones.


give it a go what you gotta lose, ur single u have a few dates with her and you will either be single again or find she's special.


just take it steady and dont rush and if u wanna let go do it early so she dont get too attached


my 28p's worth

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You have your answer. You're not attracted to her. In fact, it sounds a little like you're repelled by her.


You shouldn't have said yes to the date. That shows a lack of integrity on your part and you should be ashamed of yourself -- getting a girl's hopes up like that. You knew in your gut that this woman didn't have a chance with you. Next time, have some balls and say no.


But the fact is that you said Yes, and you should follow through with your promises. So good on you to go. But if you're not feeling anything at the end of the date (and I doubt you will be), you're not feeling it. Don't justify things in your head and say that you're better than other men and that "that looks isn't all that matters." That's a load of crap. We all need to be physically attracted to the person we're with.


Don't ask her out again, don't tell her you'll call. If she asks you out again, say "Thank you, but I'm going to take a pass this time."

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