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Strange Dream seriously freaking me out

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Ok last night i had 1 hell of a dream. Ok hear it go's


I am in a huge grass field and it had a small hill with a tree in it (sorta like Zelda majoras mask). then 2 seconds later everything thing died excluding me. The hill got huge.....like....really huge and then i saw someone on top. i walked up to it and i saw a ghost looking thing. It looked at me and it was my friends face. He said something in a diffrent languge then floated away. Then i tried to climb to the top of the hill and everything got dark but not to dark. When i finally reached the top i saw a teenage girl crying with black hair and punk cloth's i walked up to her and she turned around and it was MY GIRL friend VICKY!!!!! then she completely turned toward me and she had 2 sides!!!! one was an evil looking one with a bat wing and the other was a angel looking one with an angel wing. Then a deep voice from nowhere said "finally we meet....the brother of light and the brother of dark" I woke up shocked. I have been sitting on my bed thinking what that ment then i saw a phscotrist and she said "and how does that make you feel" i got angry and went home and then sat on my bed....thinking what that meant.....help me out guys


P.S. i know i have heard that line and voice before

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"After 30 years we finally meet; the brother of Light, and the brother of Dark..." -Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes)



THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! i knew i heard that before now i feel better. said to say though that i only saw the trailer to MGS-TTS



thanks man. thank you so much

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You could also need to come to terms with accepting your girlfriend for who she is. Whether it be good or bad. You may have seen a side of her that you find unapealing but have not said anything. Come to terms with it and ask yourself is it really worth bringing up, arguing over, breaking up for, or is it just something that I can live with and still love and accept her for who she is.

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lol dude def been playing too many video games. I remember i used to play Counter-strike alot. And i would always have dreams about it, me shooting people etc. I would dose off in school and dream i was shooting at this guy, and he just owns me (rarely happens). I got really mad then realized i was dosing off. Sometimes very very early in the morning i would look in a corner or something and think i saw a terrorist or counter-terrorist for a split second.


One time in math class i was sleeping and i actually went to press the TAB button to look at my score. Then i realized i was pressing on my notebook.


Now i only play videogames probably a half hour a week. And my life is coming back. high five


By the way majoras mask was a pretty good game.

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That line is in Metal gear solid but your dream could just be an awkward dream based on subconscious fears or something I had many Awkward dreams most of which deals with me dying in a driveby ( now I'm scared of most cars driving slowly at night especially since my briother had the same dream) But from what i see your dream could just be based on movies and games that your mind is remembering don't worry about it dreams where everyone dies are commom ( at least for me) but don't worry just forgetabout it.







--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"THE WORLD IS YOURS"


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in some matters you guys are right, err, and I dont say you are wrong and I are right..


Nevermind, you know what I mean..


I have been reading about dreams and their meanings..


We dream often about what have happened under the day or what have happened before..


Every memory you have is connected to your dreams..


So if you think closely, maybe something is hidden in the dream, even though you guys play toooo much video games..

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