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does he love me or my cousin?

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Im having a problem with my boyfriend.. i met him by my cousin(who is a girl) and they werre best fiends. we started going out and everytng wasok until her boyfriend started tothink that he liked her.. and i noticed it befofe but didnt eanna say anyting to anyone because i didnt want it to be real so i tried to convinve myself i was the only person that realiuzed it and hoped i was wrong. He is the first person i really care about and i love him with all my heart. Recently i have began to think even more that he lieks her buti didnt know what to do anout it. Now she is pushing him away and hes tryingto stop it. he cares alot for her, sometimes i think even more than he cares for me. I dont know what to do anymore. Should i deal with them being best fiends and pissibly being second best tohim? or is this relationship evenm worth it if i think he has feelings for someone else. I dont know what i will do without himbut i dont want to hold him back from expressing his feelings toweards her. i just dont know what to do anymore. I dont undertand it. And i feel bad about myself because he makes me feellike shes better than me or i have to be morelike her for the same amount of care,. can someone please help me and try to understand this with me? thank you

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hey frogprincess,

i can see that you really like your boyfriend which is why you have so far chosen to put up with the fact that he may be interested in your cousin, and id say he probably is.


Personally i don't think he is worth your time if he even attempts to compare you with another girl suggesting that you should be more like her, particularily your cousin. I would be feeling hurt and maybe even jealousy. I think its important that you make it clear to him how you feel about this and if he really cares for you he wouldnt even think twice about getting his act together.


But i have to be honest with you, i would not be able to put up with being "second best" while he is having the time of his life messing with your feelings, so basically i would break up with him. Dont get me wrong, i know that would be really hard for you, but in the long run i think its worth it although it may seem really harsh now, it will save you the hurt.

hope i helped

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enlist your cousin to fight for you. she's his best friend, and you're his best woman. so there shouldn't be any competition. he's just greedy.


smack his hands off your cousin, and that should do the trick.


tell him to wake up his ideas, tell him "it's not a good idea to fall for your best friend". cos he'll lose both gf and best friend all at the same time. tell him, he's got to appreciate each for their different qualities that attracted him in the first place, and not mix up friendship for love, and love for nothing.

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