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I just don't get her...


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I have been a relationship for 2 years with a great girl... there are just some seroius intimacy issues with her; She still has not said I love you to me. She cannot open up emotionally to me. She blames it on being hurt in a relationship that happened 4 years ago (the love of her life). I feel something is just not there with us... I am the one doing all the loving. We have not had sex in 4 weeks, it's almost like she doesn't want me.... I know I am a good girlfriend... and she does say that she cares about me... But, it has already been 2 years and I feel it is messed up that fact that I am still not good enough to open up to. Is this relationship even worth the hassle? Does she love me?

Any suggestions?...

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If she is coming off a bad relationship, she's probably just a little scared. Opening up to you will leave her vulnerable to getting hurt again.


Be "the Rock" Even if she hasn't said it in words, she most likely appreciates your support and tenderness, even if she's too scared to say anything.


If you end things, you're just confirming her fear that openign up will lead to pain. Give her enough time to get comfortable with the fact that you're not going anywhere, and things should get better


Good luck!

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I hate to say it but I was in a relationship were I was giving the "love" 100% and not getting anything in return. You don't need someone in your life that can't open up to you and be honest w/ their feelings towards you. It isn't worth it in the long run. It hurts to love someone and get nothing back from them. It isn't worth the pain. I PROMISE!!!

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