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Friend talked me into haveing a party when parents are out

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Hey guy's. well here's the story Im 13 male and i have a GF. Vicky


anyway i was at school until i got up to lunch. I'm talking to matt and we start talking about party's. He then said lets throw a party...I was like hell no man. And he was like why not, and i was like because your house is to small. we both laughed and he yelled when the teacher left HEY EVERYBODY PARTY AT JOE'S HOUSE!!!!!!!!! every body cheered me on icluding vicky and in my head i was like oh Sh** what the hell am i gonna do now....Im screwed. My parents wont be back until another week (10/20/03) Im really scared what should i do

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i say lock your doors and pretend your not home. heh. maybe unless you don't mind having people come over. don't allow and beer or drugs or anything in if you see it going on tell them to leave you don't need to be getting in trouble with the cops if you get to loud. also do you know if there are neighbors that are suppose to be watching you that could be bad and your parents would find out. try to keep it lowkey no loud music or annoyingly loud people perhaps.

well good luck and don't do anything stupid.

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because you didn't stop it when it was first announced, now you have to get it from everyone. at 13, you are not old enough to have a party without adult supervision. if something happened, your parents will be sued to the limit. so just tell everyone the party's off. it's not happening and you're sorry you didn't stop your friend from shooting off his mouth.


and if i were you, i'd think twice about calling him a friend from now on. he's not a good influence on you. oh yeah, and tell your gf, vicky, FIRST. you don't need to tell that 'friend' of yours.

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Even if you have to lock your door and turn people away with an explanation "my friend kinda got caught up in his enthusiasm and didn't stop to think it's my butt on the line, sorry dude," don't do it.


You're the one who would have to live with losing your parent's trust, not anyone else. Which means, rest assured, the one night of popularity would come with one HELL of a high price tag - with you being the one paying it, not them.


Talk to your gf, see if you can get her on your side so to speak, after all, you'd not be seeing much of her when your parents found out! So she'd be gaining the "benefits" of this situation as well, after the fact.


Best case - it would go quietly and smoothly, you'd be left with one HELL of a cleanup, and sooner or later, no doubt, your parents would find out through a chance comment of a neighbor or friend. And believe me, as a teen I only had a couple people over when I wasn't supposed to, and mine were pissed about THAT.


Worst case - you've got a bunch of kids coming and going, and even if it's not drinking or fighting, the number of kids and the noise level that tends to go with it gets noticed by the neighbors. Either they come a'banging on the door, or they call the cops. Either way, I'm pretty sure your parents would not react by being thrilled with you


If you CAN nip it in the bud, do it. Hell, take the easy way out and say something like "look man, there's no way we can do this, my neighbor has been checking up on me at night for my parents, I want to live to see my next birthday you know! And my parents would f-ing KILL me!" As a parent I can tell you, we don't mind at all taking the fall for being the "bad guy" when it comes to getting you out of a situation more easily! Even if he presses, stay firm, yeah, he'll probably be disappointed, and you'll probably get a bit of crap for it from some of the guys at school, but keep in mind - they're sure not offering to take the risk to get their butts fried. Especially with a good few teenage year left, the last thing you want to do is give your parents reason to think they have to stay on top of you more cause they can't trust you out of their sight.


Somehow I don't think he'd be so enthused if it was his butt on the line!

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Hey man!

the best thing to do would be to say your parents decided to stay in town.And jack your friend in the face,he's not a "good friend" if he can't respect your wishes.And i've learned this through expeirence,your parents WILL find out even if you think your busting out the old stealth mode.

better safe than grounded

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ok better lay some things down, no neghbior checking up on me and im not sure if there will be drugs but theres like 40 people comeing so there probaly will be but anyone with drugs is out right away, and another thing, i just cant let vicky down, me and her are kinda phsyced about this we want to have it but im thinking of the punishmint, and by the way i did try to stop matt but he kept on going and when he sat back down i punched him in the chest as hard as i could. I did yell partys off but everyone laughed and said yeah sure. i need more advice on this one guys help me out.

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Well, what I meant was there doesn't ACTUALLY have to be a neighbor checking up on you for you to imply there is...


Would your gf be swayed by you telling her you don't want to end up not being allowed to see her when your parents find out? Helper is right, even though we don't tend to think of our parents as kids in another lifetime, most of the stuff we try, they've tried and gotten caught, and no matter how careful you try to be, you just can't hide that 40 people have been in the house! With that large a group, it's a foregone conclusion, they WILL find out, and it's your rear in the hotseat when they do.


Pull your friend aside and try to tell him the situation he's putting you in, hell, if he's a good friend tell him he's setting you up to get murdered when your parents get back. Point out to him (I dunno if you considered this) that with 40 people coming and going - there is NO WAY you can keep track of everyone, SOMEONE will probably manage to slip in alcohol or drugs - not only could YOU end up in serious trouble with the police since it's at your house, your parents could get sued if anyone gets hurt, or even if they find out their kid was drinking there, simply because they're minors and it's their house.


If you're trying to figure out a way to have this party without reprecussions, I'm sorry, I don't see any, the risks are tremendous, and I don't see ANY way to keep this from your parents - from what you're detailing now, getting grounded would be a BEST case scenario. Worst case would be your parents getting a call to come home and cut their vacation short to bail your butt out of jail and await hordes of pissed off parents calling and maybe suing - how do you think THAT would go over?

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it's really easy for us to tell ya what to do,but were not under the"pressure" as you are.Maybe you could have the party somwhere else?Put it all on your "friend" and say it's at his house now.I dunno fake sick?

Ive tried every angle of the party thing and it just doesn't work.Some kid runs his mouth and then your parents find out.A neighbor calls the police due to noise(or just being an old &&%#@) they come..give out some MIP's and call your parents...

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I'd be safe and have a party with adult supervision..I'm sure that you or your parents don't want to be responsible for anyone going to the hospital or alcohol poisoning (if there's alcohol) or anything bad happening to anyone. You're gonna be in a lot of trouble if you have this party without ur parent's permission

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this isn't about your gf & what she wants..its about you. you know what will happen if you get caught. think about everything that could go wrong. if your gf really likes you, she will respect your opinion & still like you when you tell everyone theres no party. why don't you just have vicky over by herself, but DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID!

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All I have to say is don't do it. I was there when some of my friends did the same thing years ago and it always ended up getting people in trouble. If you want to have a party do it when your parents are home and allow you to have it. Sneaking around will allways get you in trouble. TRUST ME on that

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