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i was thinking of asking her out


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Here is the story, it is somewhat long but bear with me...

There is this girl. When I was in class the first day of my junior year in high school i was sitting there. All of a sudden she walked in and I dont know why or how but i just had the feeling to look up and at her. Once I did I havent been able to get them off. I went through a year of trying to show her how much i liked her. I flirted with her a lot. I got her gifts. A lot of people knew that I liked her without even me telling them.

After a while I realized that there was no way she was going to realize it herself. This is when i knew i had to ask her and was going to ask her to prom. I ended up chickening out and not going at all. So when I went off to summer (by this time we had become pretty good friends) I had a change happen. I came back my senior year and now i am much more open and talking to everyone. Last year i was very reserved, i talked to people but only really when talked to. So now im happier.

This girl is the girl of my dreams. She isnt the hottest girl that all the guys have their jaws dropped to. She is beautiful like the fairytale asian princess. She is one of the nicest girls I have ever met. She always is there for you no matter what or who you are. She always goes out of her way to make you smile. For me this isnt a hard task. Whenever i am around her i just smile, i dont know why but she always makes me smile.

So now in my senior year since i had my "revelation", I decided that i was going to ask her out. All my friends were telling me to do it and the day or two before i was going to ask her my stupid friend decided to tell her. Now you would think I would be very angry after that but i suprisingly wasnt. And i didnt crawl into my "hole" like i would have last year. It actually had benefits. The first 2 weeks of school we talked maybe two or three times. After he told her we talked every day and hugged every other probably.

When she started talking to me everyday (going out of her way to), I started thinking maybe she liked me too. Then she started hugging me a lot and i started gaining confidence and started getting much more flirty (touchy and compliments about her, telling her she is beautiful). And now it has been another 2 months of doing this. She had said that she didnt really want a boyfriend but she did want a date to homecomin. So last week I was walking with her and we were talking.

I thought to myself, i am walking here next to her and we are alone, why am i not asking her and i did. But i was 3 hours late. Here is my dilemma.

She seems like she is showing interest in me but it is hard to tell (she is very very innocent, never had a boyfriend, and may not be meaning to). Since i cant go to homecoming with her i was thinking of asking her out for real and telling her how i really feel about her. I need advice on if i should do this or not. Please also give me input on what i should say and if i should just say what i said above kind of. Please help me out. thanks

Also i think i may be in love if you go by definition. Yes i may be young but if you really think about it i very well could be. I just have such a desire to hold her close to me and never let her go. I think she is the perfect girl for me and i dont know if i will ever find another like her.

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hey ben37d


sounds like your pretty crazy about this girl. infact, i dont even see a problem besides she cant go to homecomig with you for some reason (is this right?).......


it sounds alot like you BOTH are interested in eachother, and im sure if you asked her out on a real date, she would accept. im not promising anything, but things are looking good, and you guys seem to have a pretty close friendship going on, which is practically a relationship already!


i'd just ask her straight out! one time when your all alone having fun or whatever just say it all casual-like "hey, was wondering if you were busy on such and such a day......i really want to see this movie, bla bla bla you wanna come?" or anything really. out to dinner, lunch, or just a plain old fun get-together!


seriously, you'll be fine! even if she declines, dont let it effect anything. she's probably just not ready then. no matter what, though, dont let it ruin your great friendship!


good luck with her! relax and you'll be fine!



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