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First Loves: Do they ever survive?

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Hello everyone, it's been 9 months now since my EX (of 2.5 years) and I broke up.

Still hurts everyday, still think about her everyday, still think about what could/should have been everyday.


I'm currently 27, we met when I was 24, she was 21. We had an amazingly close and loving relationship, but I made too many mistakes and in the end, she started dating another guy not even 2 weeks after we ended it and 5 months later moved in with him.


Wow does it hurt the feeling of being so worthless to your partner of 2.5 years that she could just move in with another guy in such a little time.


Well my question is this: Do first loves ever survive?


She was my very first long term relationship. Does a person really know what love is like or what love is if they have never been in love before?

They say having something then losing it is one of the ways a person will learn to appreciate what they have.


I never appreciated her, neglected her, but also showed her a great deal of love. Now that I've lost her though, I realize that I had the best thing, the most perfect thing. Hurts a lot knowing you may have lost the greatest thing to come into your life ever.


They also say you never forget your first love, and yes I'll never forget her, but doesn't a person deserve another chance maybe even a third or fourth chance after realizing all of their mistakes? After realizing they want to spend the rest of their life with the other and making her happy forever?

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far out if i could give her to you i would you seem exactley like me and i k now how bad u must feel, im not over my love yet and its been 6 months - only thing i would say to do is try to get structure, so you know whats gonna happen and when, and if nothings gonna happen get closure and try to move on, i cant move on though so i dunno i feel like killing my love and her love and then myself, but dont do that - also id like to say it doesnt mean your worthless if she moved in with him, it means hes a fudge packer coz he shouldnt have rushed her thats all - and yes a man deserves more chances, so try to get them but if you cant then all you can do is move on go buy a new car and get some new music cds, that helps me, ive bought 3 cars in the last 6 months (all on mortagage but insurance will pay that off wen i die anyway so its kool) anyway let us know wat this person says, and dont

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Love is something sweet and gentle something that catchs your attention every second of the day, when it hurts it feels like *beep* You know what i am talking about. I have a realtionship for 3.5 yrs and my ex and i still talk on the phone. The point that hurts the worst is when one of the parties move on and you see them with someone new and then you start to wonder. I did have something doing on before we broke up and all the things it happens. And that is life buddy It will only hurt because you let it hurt , get your mind off of her it is hard i know but it will happen evenually. The fact that she had a relationship 2 weeks after make you and every one that will answer you post wonder. Love is only good when it feels good. ok. Hope this helps.Bye

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I have been with my boyfriend since I was 15 and he was 16. I am now 23 so that's 8 years. We broke up in January because he needed space. I let him have it and it turns out that he just needed to reassure himself that he did indeed love me. We have been back together for about a month and everything is wonderful...getting married soon...so maybe true love does last.

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