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The Best Time To Have Sex, Over and Over and Over Again!

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The best time to have lots of sex is when you are trying to conceive a child and when you are pregnant. You can do it as many times as you want and you don't have to worry about any kind of protection. No condoms, no pills. Ah yaaa! Then you wouldn't have to think about it so much when you're not doing it. You've done it so many times already.

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Lots of other things to consider in real life though:


- STDs, if you're with somebody pregnant who's not your normal partner, there's still exactly the same chance of infections etc. being transferred


- emotional state, sex isn't any good unless you're both into it.


- physical state, go ahead and try to convince your 7 or 8 month pregnant wife, after a long, hot summer's day, that lots of sex is a great thing.


The best time for lots of sex is when you both want lots of sex, just handle the details appropriately.


Also, asks the guys with vasectomies when the best time is!!

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