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I want to see her at least once a week


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I posted this before, but now I added more recent stuff to give a more complete picture.


So I meet this girl online. We talk on the phone for about a month and a half before meeting. We finally meet AT HER HOUSE two weeks ago. I Hang out with her and her cousin I stay for about 2 hours and leave. Thing seem to have gone well, she said I looked just like the pics and we laughed, joked and flirted.


We had a prior date set up for that saturday. So saturday comes around she tells me she can't make it, and that I can come over if I want to. So I do. We end up having a great night, she was extremely flirty: touching me, laughing, leaning in. I was putting game on her like crazy. I knew she was so attracted to me because I was saying and pushing all the right buttons. She walked me to my car and as I drove her one block to her house, she wouldn't leave, to the point that I was thinking "you can leave now" but she didnt! we kept flirting, finally she leaned in to say goodnight and I turned her face and we started making out. When she was leaving the car, she turned back around and kissed me again.


I get home and she texts me "I wish you could have stayed longer daredevil!"


So from that Saturday we talk here and there through Wed. (Wed) she texts me to say hi. I call her later on, she picks up quickly and excitedly and wetalk. I ask her out but she says she doesnt think she can this weekend, I ask her about the week then, she says she doesnt know...shell get back to me. So since then (a week so far) she has initiated most of the contact...she has sent me text messages, called me .... told me she has been thinking about me alot etc etc.....but she has yet to suggest meeting up! I decided to leave it up to her because I hate asking twice, she said she'll let me know when she can ....


This girl seems to obviously be into me....she contacts me, tells me indirectly she likes me, made out with me, tells me she thinks about me...always answers my calls and texts (when I do call, since she is mostly the one initiating contact)...yet its been a week and she doesn't initiate a meeting...last time I asked her out was Wed ( a week ago) but since she said she doesnt know, she has to see...I left it at that...I dint call her, I didnt care...but she still contacts me...


I think it has to do with her aunt. the two times we did hang out her aunt was out of town, now that her aunt is back she "has to see" and from what I understand her aunt is a total bltch from what I understand...even struck her once out of rage because she got into some trouble and left her bleeding from the mouth!


anyway....I am frustrated because I like to see someone I am dating at least once a week, I dont think its too much to ask and honestly, I am losing attraction for this girl since I dont see her (even though its been 1 week and 3 days since I last saw her and its been: talking for a month and then two dates...)


what I am thinking is, I am going to wait until the weekend comes around, if by then she still has not initiated anything, I am going to bring it up again....


This is not your average case of a disinterested girl, this is what gets to me...because it is obvious shes interested. I think she might also be playing hard to get because at one point she text me during a text convo:


"If you weren't into me, you wouldn't have asked to see me again. =p hehe"


Yesterday she text me and I called her an hour later. About 10 minutes in I heard all kinds of commotin in the background, and she said if she can call me back. I said ok and almost two hours later she texted me saying she had recently been disoccupied and thats why she didnt call, she said she would call me tomorrow (tonight) ....


Well she called me just as I finished posting this. I told her how I had to get up at 4:30am tomorrow, so after 10 minutes she told me she was going to let me go so I can get some sleep. WEll, I brought it up again, I asked her for the week, she said "...its just that I dont know...." and I was like "you can be honest, what is it?" and she said "its that weekends I might work late" and I said "well, it doesnt have to be a weekend" and she said "and I have to pay the rent (she shares an apartment with her aunt and has to help out) and the money...I'll let you know, I probably can go out this weekend" ... I simply said "have a goodnight" and we hung up.


I am thinking that besides the Aunt being a strict, mean woman, it might be a money issue. Maybe she feels uncomfortable going out with no money? So I texted her saying "you dont have to worry about money if we go out, if that'sthe problem" she texted me back saying "its not about the money, its that with all the working I do, I always get home so tired."


I text her back saying "ok" as aloof as possible...she texted me back saying "There are things about me, you have yet to understand or know. I know you think I put up too many excuses, but as we get to know each other you will see. Goodnight, kisses"


Honestly, its not like I care. I can get girls with no problem, its that this girl seems so interested (all the calling, texting, telling me she thinks about me, answer my calls and texts so prompt etc) and yet getting a damn 3rd date with her is ridicoulous....its totally conflicting messages


any comments?

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i actually read this entire thing so ill give you my opinion. It seems like u really hit it off on your date. It seems she has some personal emotional things that she needs to get through and it seems that she doesnt want to get you involved. Maybe she doesnt want a b/f at the moment or maybe she thinks she made a mistake in making out with you.


And yea you might be right about the money issue as personally i dont have much money and i dont like going on dates when i dont have much if any money at all.


Keep on it though, don't give up unless your completely certain

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hey.. i read your post. similar situation as myself which is why i'm so hurt right now... all the right signs, etc... give it time. time will tell.. don't force her, she knows you like her but she's prob. working through some issues now - whether related to her aunt or monetary situation or something else, i don't know for sure. I totally understand what you mean about losing interest thogh.... i haven't seen him in 4 days and although i regret it because I thought we had something great... not seeing him is making me lose interest. it sucks.

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I think it's a fair request though... just don't sound demanding at this stage like "I want to see you once a week" but say that you really like her and feel you need to keep the spark going or something... and seeing her really helps... good luck.

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I think it's a fair request though... just don't sound demanding at this stage like "I want to see you once a week" but say that you really like her and feel you need to keep the spark going or something... and seeing her really helps... good luck.


Thanks, but I am definetely not flat out telling her I like her. Once she saw me feign interest, she tried to explain herself...which is a good sign and is what I want...I am not begging her and if another girl comes my way, oh well....

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