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You're in This Situation-what do you do?


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You are an athletic sophomore in high school w/ a good personality and you are somewhat popular. There is a girl who who just met at the start of the school year (September). You know where this is going, but just keep on reading-there's a twist. You decide to ask her out to the homecoming dance and she says she has a boyfriend. You scout the scene and you're stumped-it doesn't seem like anyone is going out with her. Then, you find one of her best friends who is also your friend and she says her boyfriend goes to another school. How would I know when she breaks up with him (it better happen-its not like they've been going out that long) to ask her out then? I know for a fact she is not lying about the boyfriend and I have a gut feeling she would say yes if I asked her out when she has no boyfriend. I get along well with her now and I know a bit about her (her likes/dislikes, who she hangs out with, etc.) What do I do before (my name) becomes Ivan Drago or "The Termonator? (If u can't tell, I'm a huge Rocky fan) Thanks for the help.


P.S-She's like one of those girls on TV who, right after they break up with someone, they are on the market for a very short time. If u knew her, I can guaruntee you would like her too. I have been trying to look for other girls in the meantime, but I can't get my mind off her...

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I would tell her then. Just tell her, I know you have a bf, but if something happens and you need a shoulder, call me first and Ill help get him off your mind" OR tell the friend who is her good friend to please let you know AS SOON as she breaks up w/ her bf. Thats what I would do...

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