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Should I tell him?

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Have you ladies ever had a guy that you've known for a long time, meet up again and decide to date?


I don't know, but I met this guy about 6 years ago, I used to like him, thought he was cute/shy/nice guy...but we didn't end up going out.


He used to tell my friend how much he liked me, I like him too, but physically it's just not there. We're good friends, and have started to date recently, but the sparks are not there, I think it's b/c he's put on some weight.


It's weird too, b/c he's really opposite from all of the guys I've dated, I don't know what to do.


We haven't even held hands yet, though I know that he wants to. How should I break it to him? I don't want to hurt his feelings, I don't want things to escalate...especially b/c I'm getting over a relationship right now, and don't think that it's fair for him.


What should I do!!!

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Well, whatever you do, I'd suggest honesty and sincerity. If you drag this out it will just get harder and harder to deal with, and I am sure you wouldn't want to try telling him this after a few months had passed.


All in all, I'd say you should just come clean, and say that you like him, but you don't see the current "dating" relationship going anywhere. Try telling him that you really liked having him as a friend, but before this gets out of hand you think it's best that you be honest with him. Don't, on the other hand, tell him it's a physical thing... he might take that the wrong way.


I know, easier said than done... but keep in mind that he'd probably rather hear it now than much later, when he's grown more and more attached to you...


Good luck, there's nothing he can say badly about you being honest!


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Thanks for replying to my post also Sunny Scott.

I think we are in the same situation that we do not feel the same way towards the other person. For some reason I was attracted to the new girl at first but now I'm not as much? You know how I feel right?

If you get any good advicee about breaking it off without hurting the other person please let me know also...I need the help as we are both getting over relationships and it's not fair to the other person. I wish you and myself luck in this situation.

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