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pearl thong questions


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I read an article about someone in a magazine whom tried it out...she said most of the day it did not do a damn thing except be kind of annoying, until she was doing ab crunches on the exercise ball at the gym.


Personally, I would not really be into it. If I wanted to have an "O"; I would rather it be somewhere other than the gym!


I would rather get a remote control panty vibrator; where he has the remote!

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Wow, mankind is sure making good use of our knowledge, innovation and technology! a pearl thong?!? what next? global warming?


Personally a nice pair of cotton scanty panties are enough for me. I hope I never get so bored with mod edit that I need to dress it up in some idiotic outfit.


Well the idea is that it is not for you to admire her in...it is meant to rub the clitoris in certain ways with movement to cause orgasms for her.

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I know what a thong is but what is a PEARL thong?


Pretty much what it sounds like.


Basically instead of material, it has a strand of pearls in some variation accross the vaginal area (it may go full around from waist to lower back or it may just be a few inches worth). Idea as I said is that with movement it stimulates the clitoris.

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