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How Do I Be Cool???

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Ohh babe!! There is no set way on how to be cool!


Just one basic ingrediant. Be confident. Believe in your own unique coolness and you will give off vibes so hot, you could burn down the school!!


As to how to get a HOT gf, you don't need to be a hot guy. Just treat her right, make her number one, and respect each other. It's not all that complicated.


Lots of luck bebe!

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gotta have the looks: plastic surgery helps. but if you're short, too bad. there's no way to be cool AND short. and no pimples or specs (get contacts). keep your fashion up to date. wearing branded stuff well helps.


gotta have the right set of friends. usually, that comes from being a key player in a popular school sport, like football. if you can't play, then you better go practise on your own a lot, until you're good at some sport.


the hot girls are bonus. they come with the territory.

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Theres no definition of being cool.... cool means that you are what you really are. Just be yourself and u will look cool to others. ' To be popular at school '... hmmmm .. all you got to do is just always be confident in yourself.. try your talents in school at some functios annd all like music etc and you will be popular.

For the HOT stuff..... be yourself and be confiedent in urself in whatever u do.. hopefully u ll get the girl of ur dreams.

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You have to be yourself, chix hate people that try to be who they aren't. They can tell too. Let the ladies come to you, dont be picky, and there are alot more to girls than their looks. Get good grades, cuz thats what matters later in life, not wether or not you had a hot girlfriend. You are cool, but you have to show people your cool, in what ever way you want. But be polite. Good luck kid...


P.S. dont listen to russia, he is completely wrong...

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I agree with B_is4Baboon on just being yourself. I seem to be somewhat popular and I used to be a "nobody" only a few years ago ( I still need a gf though). What you have to focus on most is just being yourself. Do what you used to do and don't change it, unless it's like taking drugs and vandalizing public property or something liike that. Don't be afraid of what others will think of you. If you want to become a writer and become editor of the school paper, do it. People you know may not like it, but when the best paper in recent school history comes out, you're looking pretty good. Also, let some things so, for example, ignore any big idiots. If you can, join some clubs or sports teams-its an easy way to get to know people while doing something you like.


Walk the halls with confidence and fear nothing. According to many on these boards, confidence is one of the biggest factors in getting girls. Feel you're number one, you have nothing to lose. Think that you're the prize and when girls pass you up, they have no clue what they're missing and they will regret it when their bf treats them like s***.


Those are just two examples on how to be cool. Modesty also helps. I hope this helps you on your quest to "rise to the top".

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